Dr. Jay Uecker,

Soul Integration Life Coach

  • Experience lifelong limiting patterns being reprogrammed in real time.  
  • Have a direct experience of bound up energy moving as the integration is happening.
  • Feel yourself creating fundamentally new ways of feeling, thinking and behaving in the moment.

I’m working from the paradigm that each of us came to this planet to learn how to express our soul’s gifts and our soul’s essence through these physical bodies and share them onto this physical plane

But when we’re in the womb and until about age seven, the part of our nervous system that’s online, our primal brain, gathers information about how to do this human thing by sensing into the energetic back office of people around us

Certainly we pick up on some of their finer points, but we also pick up on the ways that they have fragmented themselves, judged parts of themselves and pushed those parts away

Since we rely on the people around us for our survival we are instantly and unconsciously compelled to attune ourselves to them and the limiting survival patterns they’ve stored in their nervous systems—and thus we adopt the same patterns in our nervous system and begin living them out in our bodies and lives.

As a result we fragment ourselves, judge parts of ourselves and push those parts away. Those fragmented parts are tangled up and competing against each other for attention. It creates conflict and tension within us, it locks us into limiting perspectives—creates stuckness in our bodies and lives.

BUT… Tension is bound up energy. And bound up energy is energy that is poised to do work. Paradoxically the energy stored in our system via these survival patterns is potential energy that, when integrated, becomes the fuel that will drive us toward our life purpose.

Every experience in life, especially challenging ones, is designed to ignite that fuel and our purpose. Through the problem, the challenge, the pain, life is asking us to come into relationship with the parts we’ve pushed away, so we can free up the energy trapped between them, so we can integrate their wisdom, so that we can become more whole and express our unique gifts through our wholeness.

So the problem, the pain, the challenge, etc., is actually a window to soul. And when we can experience the pain or the problem from a safe place, through the lens of our hearts, we are immediately transformed, we are upgraded, the limiting programs in our nervous system are rewired, and our soul’s essence and gifts are able to be expressed.

I’ve been helping people integrate their soul’s essence into their physical bodies for the last 20 years. That’s why I call this BioSoul Integration Coaching. 

I can help:



In Person

  • Through intuitive navigation of the energetic nervous system and its tangles and blocks
  • By helping you foster present mind awareness of the issue and its sensations in your body through mindfulness and body awareness practices
  • By asking the right questions at the right time to help tease apart and clarify your awareness of the parts that are in conflict, thus freeing them up
  • By providing a non-judgmental, heart centered container
  • By incorporating a brain based modality known as Brainspotting

You gain:

  • Clarification of the the parts competing for attention in your body and being
  • Greater capacity to meet dishonored parts with love and compassion
  • A freeing up of resources on all levels, physically, emotionally and spiritually, that result in less pain, less resistance, greater creativity and greater connection to yourself, others and the world
  • The first step is to schedule yourself for a free, 30-minute Insight Session so we can chat and make sure we’re both on the same page 

What People Are Saying

N. N. professional tennis player

Dr. Jay and I had such a great experience!

I found out about Dr. Jay on YouTube when researching about healing physical pains and its relationship to emotional pain. Eventually I had virtual brainspotting sessions with Dr. Jay and I had such a great experience! He is so instrumental to my personal and professional growth and he helped me understand myself more, gain more awareness and different perspectives. Thank you so much Dr. Jay for your patience, great energy, open mindedness, and gift. I totally recommend!!

D. S.

I immediately felt comfortable with him on Zoom

I discovered Dr Jay’s website while browsing the topic of Jungian archetypes online. I signed up for his newsletter and received the offer for a Brainspotting session. I did some exploring about Brainspotting and decided to try it. Although I had never met Jay in person, I immediately felt comfortable with him on Zoom. I decided to dive in to the possibility of releasing some of my darkest and most persistent patterns. The first session surprised me at the depth of emotion that emerged. Jay was wonderful at holding space for the unraveling of the trauma. Toward the end of the second session I was pretty blown away by both the intensity and the intelligence of the body as it went into a release state that I had only experienced before during an ayahuasca ceremony. Although he was a fairly new practitioner, his background in personal development and experience as a healer allowed him to readily adapt to this method. Thank you, Dr Jay, for your compassionate presence during these sessions. I’m now noticing a deeper, more consistent level of self acceptance.

K. N.

I highly recommend working with Jay Uecker!

I have worked with Jay over the years and have always been impressed with his guidance, intuition, and ability to facilitate incredible healing work. Now that I have tried the brain spotting, I am even more inspired to dive into more life enhancing work. I was unsure of what to expect from a brain spotting session, but it was nothing short of profound. I wondered if I would have some big release or be overcome by tears during a session (as this is often a way that I experience big healing). And while none of this happened, the insights that came through during the session are having such a big impact on the ‘issue’ I came to the table with. With Dr. Jay‘s guidance and the brain spotting technique, I unveiled an understanding within myself and about the issue at hand that is changing the addictive pattern and cycle that left me feeling trapped for many years. I feel grateful for the opportunity to have been introduced to this work. And I look forward to diving in even deeper and continuing my journey of personal evolution with such an amazing guide and healer. I highly recommend working with Jay Uecker!

Your Insight Session Is A 1:1 Call Where I'll

Listen Closely To Your Situation 

Give You Some Context For Where You Are On The Map Of The Healing Journey

Show You How You're Exactly On Track (we're always exactly on track)

Help You Clarify The Next Step That Life Is Calling You To

If It Looks Like A Good Fit I'll Offer You A Two Visit Coaching Intro Package