BioSoul Integration Guide

Feeling Disconnected, Stuck, Overwhelmed Or Lost?
Find Your Way From Being Stuck And Unsure Of Your Next Steps To Feeling Connected, Free, Inspired And On Purpose With This Free, Personalized Guide

In This Personalized Guide You Will Learn:

  • The Two Main Forces That Drive Our Growth And Evolution & Which Of Those Forces Is Impacting You Right Now
  • Twelve Stages Healing That Are Common To Everyone's Journey & Which Stage You're In Right Now
  • How To Speed Up And Smooth Out Uncomfortable Parts Of The Healing Process
  • How To Know When You're On The Path To  Expressing Your Authentic Self And Living Your Purpose
  • How To Achieve Deep Life Satisfaction Regardless Of External Circumstances
  • How To Plot The Course To Get To Your Ultimate Destination- Wholeness!
Those who seem to be most drawn to Dr. Jay and BioSoul Integration tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to do the work of consciously leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings, to do the work of integrating their Soul’s gifts into their physical bodies.

Through BioSoul Integration Dr. Jay's mission is to help individuals create an ever-deepening connection to their bodies, their lives and their World; to help those who have felt the strong calling to embody their Soul’s purpose and to give their unique gifts on this planet.

What Clients Are Saying...

I want to live a full and joyful life!

This is not an overnight process. I realize that the patterns I’ve unconsciously or consciously formed in my body, and in my life, are embedded really deeply. As I start to feel what it’s like to unravel those patterns, it makes me curious about what else is in store for me. I want to live a full and joyful life, as a well person, and so I am dedicated to receiving the care and support I need in order to make that happen. I look forward to my visits with Jay and feel that I have an advocate for my health and for my life in him.

Elizabeth Baker

Every session I feel more open!

I am constantly amazed how after every session I feel more open, more connected more receptive to the abundance in the World. Understanding that I am (and we are all) a spiritual being living a physical life, it is important to me (especially the older I get) that the practices I "do" physically integrate easily with my spiritual life. Jay’s work definitely does this!

Annette Kowal

Dreams that deliver clear spiritual messages -

My best friend encouraged me to see Jay because she said her treatments with him had improved her posture. I had been unhappy with my posture for years so I thought I would give Jay a try. The first time Jay put his hands over my back I felt something I can't explain. During my weekly visits I see pictures while I am on the table that carry meaningful messages. What has been the biggest surprise is the profound dreams I have after a treatment. Dreams that deliver clear spiritual messages in words I can remember and repeat the next day. My posture is improving too but the time spent on the table is more about waking up parts of me that are asleep and getting a glimpse of what is beyond my day to day reality.

Summer Kennedy

This work is an undertaking akin to traveling into more and higher consciousness.

Working with Jay has opened up so many aspects of my journey. Physically, my posture has improved, my pain has lessened, my breathing has become deeper, and I am just more comfortable in my skin. I have worked through a huge well of emotional challenges, and have recently begun to have rather significant insights into my habitual ways of thinking and perceiving that have proved to be limiting. This work is an undertaking akin to traveling into more and higher consciousness, helping me to realize a promise I made to myself to discover my True Nature. We all owe it to ourselves and the world to become well and whole, and Dr. Jay will share his gifts and understanding to help that process.

Pam Geddy

He is an Amazing Healer!

I started seeing Dr. Jay on a recommendation by a fellow yoga teacher. I thought I was going to see a chiropractor, but have to say that what Dr. Jay does is waaaaay beyond chiropractic care. He is an amazing healer and often times when I go in for low back pain, the treatment unfolds for many days (sometimes weeks) and involves not only a release in the physical body, but also the emotional body. I absolutely recommend Dr. Jay!

Julie Pelaez

Inspiring me to show up in the world speaking in my own voice.!

Dr. Jay is a trusted friend who by delicate touch and even more delicate listening is asking me to step straight into both the darkest and the brightest parts of my psyche. Our work together is a weaving together of those opposites into a dynamic fabric of expression and beauty. Our work together is inspiring me, at long last, to show up in the world speaking in my own voice. It has little to do with healing a symptom, a pain or an angst, but more to do with finally honoring the whole of who I am and loving who I am becoming. 

Robert Bellows

I am living a happier, more loving and empowered life!

My work with Jay over the years has been nothing short of miraculous. Jay is kind and loving and is quite gifted in his work. He provides a safe and energetically powerful space and the process for me to transform stuck energy patterns that have kept me bound in physical, emotional and mental pain. I am living a happier, more loving and empowered life as a greater expression of who my soul came here to be. I am very grateful for Jay and the powerful difference he makes for others.

This approach to healing the mind & body is complete -

I have been seeing Dr Jay for about 6 months and want to say this approach to healing the mind & body is complete. To think we can know the flavor of the place in the body that is holding potential energy for the portal that leads us to our wisdom and to live with our gifts.. And the pains we’ve been holding go away. As Jay says: “I look forward to helping you express more life” Thank you Jay!

His work has done to help me create more peace and abundance in my life.

Dr. Jay has greatly accelerated my progress on the healing path. His techniques for releasing stuck energy really work! Getting rid of bound-up energy has allowed good things to take its place on many different levels. He always takes the time to talk to me. I really appreciate everything he has done to help me create more peace and abundance in my life.

I highly recommend this approach!

The words that come to me in working with Jay are subtly profound. He explains we hold energy in our bodies possibly from accidents or emotional hurts from the past. He has a way of guiding one into those wounds without trying to mentally figure them out. There, lying on the table you have permission to feel into your pain, let it go so that movement occurs both physically and emotionally. I highly recommend his approach.

My heart is more open!

I first came across Jay and his work about 9 months ago while looking for a meditation class, not because I had any particular physical pain, but because I was seeking some guidance towards more personal growth, and had no idea about the transformation I would undergo with Jay as my healer and teacher. In my very first entrainment, I experienced a pretty massive emotional release that I wasn't even aware I was holding. I can't claim to fully understand the process that has unfolded since, but over time, my neurological and energetic systems have continued to experience release of tension, pain and trauma, and relearning of health and balance. My breathing is deeper, my blood pressure is lower, and I've actually become half an inch taller. More importantly, at 36 years old, I feel more alive, my heart is more open, and I'm more connected to myself, to my relationships, and to the world around me, than I've ever been in my entire life. I would describe this as something like therapy for the complex parts of your body without the talking. Jay has been the most gentle and healing presence in my life. I look forward to my sessions every week, and to continuing our work together.

I will always be grateful!

It is hard to put into words how amazing Dr. Jay and his technique is. He has for many, many years assisted my body in changing, aligning and feeling better in ways that regular chiropractic, acupuncture, massage, and reiki didn't. His energy, his awareness, his technique and his "magic" has and is a gift for me. I will always be grateful for what he has created and what he will continue to create with my sessions. Thank you Dr. Jay.

My experience feels honored!

I feel grateful to be able to work with Jay. His work and insight are helping me to experience many new aspects of myself. When I talk to him at the end of the session I feel heard, and my experience feels honored, both of which help ground the changes in me.


I feel alive and I’m opening up to relationship in a way that was impossible before!

I had already been doing a lot of moving energy and had been opening a lot over the last few years. And now the work I have been doing with Jay is producing miracles. My body and nervous system is healing and opening so I can consistently express without feeling like I will die or get killed or love will be withdrawn. My days are joyful and even exciting. I feel alive and I’m opening up to relationship in a way that was impossible before because of this terror stuck in my system. If you are not experiencing Life the way you want, see Jay. Noes will become yeses without you even knowing you had a choice.

I cannot recommend this modality of health enough!

I am so grateful to have Jay in my life. He is truly a gifted man with a tremendous depth of heart and skill. I have been helped through many physical and deeper issues under his support. I cannot recommend this modality of health enough--he is one of the best kept secrets in Louisville and Boulder!!

Bottom line, you will get results in working with Jay!

Jay is a powerful clear conduit for healing. Everytime I go for a session I experience deep healing on all levels, and often have big shifts in my physical, emotional, and spiritual awareness. He is my go to person for any concerns which are manifesting in my physical body. I also took a yoga/meditation class with him that was fantastic!! Bottom line, you will get results in working with Jay, often in ways that you had no idea were needed or even possible! 

He is a remarkable practitioner!

One of the most inspiring visits to Jay's office . . . It was the day I felt so whole from the treatment and released from pain in my hips and right knee, I seemed to ripple with new life on the inside . . Lying on the table by the window, soaking in the sun, my hands began grow and glow, they were beaming light in all directions. . .He is a remarkable practitioner. Thank you thank you, thank you!

His unorthodox treatment methods get results!

It's easy to review Dr. Jay's business and who he is as a person: they are one and the same and of a very high caliber. I have been getting adjustments from Dr. Jay for close to a year and he is consistently professional, knowledgable, and one of the most kind and genuinely caring health care professionals I know.

Best of all, his unorthodox treatment methods get results. I leave his office sensing my body has made the necessary adjustments and is one step closer to the level of health I want to experience. I recommend him regularly, with no hesitation, to my friends and reflexology clients.

I have experienced emotional release and have been able to feel more joy!

I went to Dr. Jay on a relative’s recommendation, and have benefited in multiple ways since I began visiting. Not only is my posture improving, but I have experienced emotional release and have been able to feel more joy! Upon first talking with him he explained concepts that made a lot of sense…concepts that I could take and apply in my life so as he is working on me, I can work on myself too. 

Another plus is that I am 22 years old and Dr. Jay’s prices are affordable even to a college kid! I recommend trying it if you are looking for a way to truly gain greater health—emotionally and physically.