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Healing Spiritual Pain By Paying Attention to Your Body

The “Cost” Of Healing

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Everyone’s concerned with what they’ve got to give to get something that they want, and this goes for healing spiritual pain, as well.

I meet a lot of people through my healing practice who want to get out of pain but they don’t want to sacrifice anything.

Life, and healing, doesn’t work like that–there’s always a cost.

Healing spiritual pain, or any kind of pain for that matter, will require that we “pay” attention.

Fortunately our attention is a resource that’s abundantly available.

Our attention contains an enzyme of sorts that acts as a catalyst.

When we focus our attention on what our pain FEELS like in our bodies, our attention catalyzes the process of healing and integrating the energy that is bound up in our pain–speeds that process up and lubricates it.

How to Heal Pain Through Attention

Is it really possible to heal pain simply by focusing on it?

Well, first you have to understand what healing means.

The word heal comes from an Old English word which means “to make whole.”

Healing refers to the process of becoming “whole,” the process of integating our mind, body and soul.

The truth is that we’re already whole.

It’s just that we’ve kind of forgotten.

We have been taught, unconsciously, by life and the people around us, to push away or separate parts of ourselves that we’ve learned are not valid or safe to feel.

Life Imitates Life

In the early stages of our development, while we are in the womb and during the first few years of life, our nervous systems are very malleable and sensitive to the nervous systems of those around us.

We’re like little sponges soaking up information from the world around us.

When we feel into those around us we sense that they have dishonored and and disconnected from parts of themselves.

Their spiritual sides are not being expressed through their physical bodies.

We naturally assume that this is how to be human.

Because we rely on those around us for our survival we instantly and unconsciously adopt the same way of being out of a perceived need to survive.

A key to forgetting that we’re whole is to remove our attention from the parts of us that we’e been led to believe by others are not safe.

Turning away from parts of ourselves in this way becomes a habit.

Life Can Become Exhausting

Life, on the other hand, is constantly trying to drive our unconscious parts to the surface of our awareness.

The resources that we use to keep our disowned and dishonored parts unconscious are resources that we don’t get to use for growing new cells, digesting food and turning it into fuel, fighting off germs and diseases that make us sick, and adapting to our environment.

Consequently just living on a day to day basis can become exhausting.

Life Has a Way of Making Us Look at Ourselves

Life has a way of making us look at ourselves in the mirror.

To take a closer look at those parts of ourselves that we have thought of as inferior or defective to bring us together to reintegrate those parts.

Actually it’s unavoidable because we WILL run into people and situations that will cause us to reflect on those parts of ourselves.

The life-force energy associated with our disowned and dishonored parts might arise as joint pain, back pain, digestive issues, or some other type of pain, because pain is an excellent way to draw our attention.

That pain gets our attention and we are forced to focus on it.

And that is what dissolves that separation.

Pain Is An Opportunity

A lot of people I meet in the course of doing my work who are experiencing pain will say, “Oh, it’s got my attention, all right.”

Usually what that means, though, is that they’re wrapped up in the thoughts about the pain and in trying to figure out how to escape from it.

They’re seeing it as something that’s getting in the way of them living their lives the way they think they’re life should look.

But Life often has something in mind that’s much greater than what we can conceive of and pain is part of getting us to see that.

They may decide to ignore it or take some medication in an attempt to take the pain away.

If they succeed it’s usually only temporary.

When we push pain away it tends to push back.

Pain will likely come back as some other problem later on.

Maybe we suppress physical pain today, which shows up as an organic problem later, digestive issues or diabetes or high blood pressure, the list goes on and on.

Maybe we suppress an organic problem today only to end up with a psychological problem tomorrow, depression, anxiety or anger.

The disowned, suppressed part of ourselves and the energy associated with it will not just go away.

It will get bigger and louder until we have no choice but to listen and pay attention to it.

OK, So How Do We Pay Attention To Pain?

Here’s a video I made on the subject:

If you’d rather listen here’s a podcast version:

Paying attention means taking a good look at ourselves, focusing inward and allowing ourselves to feel those sensations and feelings that we have been trying to push away.

Giving ourselves permission to feel the feelings associated with pain catalyzes a reaction that integrates the life force energy that’s bound up in the pain.

Some people feel like they don’t know how to feel the sensations in their body.

When clients say that to me I ask them to close their eyes and ask them this question: Do you have a body?

They always answer yes.

I say, “How do you know you have a body?”

They know they have a body because they can feel it.

Physical Sensations

First there’s physical sensations.

There are only three kinds of sensations in the body.

Physical sensations can include the pressure of your bottom on the seat or the touch of your clothes on your skin.

Sensations are also caused by pain or tension or heat or cold or energy moving.

Physiological Sensations

Then there are physiological sensations, those caused by your organs doing their thing: the feeling of your heart beating or the sensation of your breathing or your stomach gurgling or a full bladder.

Emotional Sensations

And lastly emotions have a sensational quality in the body: anger might make you feel hot, fear might cause your chest or stomach to feel tight, grief might make you feel heavy (overburdened), joy might have an effervescent and uplifting quality.

In any given moment you should be able to feel at least one of either physical, physiological or emotional sensations in your body.

Working With Pain

There’s a good chance that if you’re reading this it’s because you’re experiencing pain in your body or your being.

Take this opportunity to focus your attention on it.

Notice Exactly Where It Is

What are the boundaries like? Are they clearly defined or fuzzy? Does it have shape or volume.

Notice Any Quality Of Movement

Is there pressure (either pushing out or pushing in or some combination of the two)? Is it expanding or collapsing?Is it vibrating or throbbing or stabbing?

Notice Any Other Qualities Or Characteristics

Does it have color? Does it have texture? Does it feel like some material: plastic, gum, slime, etc? Does it feel like an element: fire, water, wood, earth, air, etc? Is it smooth or rough or wet. Does it have temperature?

Take A Break

Now let it all go.

Let yourself do whatever feels natural.

Give yourself a break for 5 to 10 minutes and then come back to it.

When you return to your focused attention does it feel different than the first time?

Is the pain less intense, or are the feelings associated with the pain different?

Any change, even if it’s gotten more intense, is still a change and that means that you are making progress towards resolving your pain.

This method of bearing down and then easing up is similar to how you might massage a knot loose.

If you liked this post or learned something from it, please share it with anyone you think might benefit from it.

If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comment section below.

I’m curious to know your thoughts, and if you have any stories you’d like to share related to this topic.

I look forward to helping you express more life.

Yours in Healing,


Healing Spiritual Pain By Paying Attention to Your Body

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