If It Didn't Hurt

FREE CHAPTER: Ultimate Guide To Embody Your Pain's Wisdom & Express Your Soul's Gifts

This book will catalyze the transformation of your pain into your purpose

  • Personal Experience From Life & From 20 Years In Practice:
    Evidence that your body and your life are not conspiring against you, in fact, in every moment they are conspiring for you.
  • Stories Of Transformation From People Just Like You:
    Uplevel your idea of what's possible for your body and life by witnessing the transformation of others—if my clients can do it, you can, too.
  • Exercises To Help You Embody Your Pain's Wisdom:
    Simple, step-by-step instructions will help you infuse your pain with new awareness and turn it into a portal to your authentic self.


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Shinzen Young

"There are at least three important things everyone should know:

1) how to experience pain without suffering;

2) how to experience pleasure with maximum fulfillment; and

3) how to help others do the same. 

Explore and enjoy as Dr. Jay lends his insight."

- Shinzen Young, author of The Science of Enlightenment

In The Book, You Will Discover:


We tend to think that pain is something that we need to get rid of or get around before we can get on with our life. But that's not how pain and life are fundamentally related. Pain literally contains the information that we need to move to the next stage of our evolution in life. 


We can have a tendency to believe, when we have painful situations in our bodies or lives, that life is against us. The opposite couldn't be more true. Everything we encounter in life is life trying to help us evolve into the person we came here to be and accomplish what we came here to accomplish.


See how the the tension in your body, which is really just bound up energy, is directly related to the stuckness that you might be experiencing in the worn out belief systems that are unconsciously holding you back in life.


Learn how to harness the potential energy of the painful things you experience in your body and life to be used as fuel for your healing and evolution. 

Dr. Jay Uecker from the BioSoul Integration Center

About the Author: Dr. Jay Uecker

Dr. Jay has been in private practice as a chiropractor and healer, supporting people in the Boulder/Denver area, for two decades. Over the course of that time he's worked intimately with thousands of clients and helped them navigate the ups and downs of their healing journeys. He is the developer of BioSoul Integration, a body-centered, energy healing technique that facilitates deep, embodied spiritual healing and soul integration. 

What People Are Saying

Lawrence Conlan

Lawrence Conlan, D.C., N.D.

“I have spent the past 50 years seeking and guiding others in healing and personal growth. It’s my passion and my profession! Dr. Uecker has inspired me, and deepened my journey through the brilliance of this book. It is a transmission of wisdom that will work on you even when not reading it. This book is essential reading for a full life, let alone getting through tuff stuff. I will be recommending it to all my clients and students. Thank you Dr. Jay.”

aimee davis

Aimee Davis, D.C.

“The truth is that pain wants you to pay attention to it and to learn from it and allow the wisdom from the moment to transform into growth. Dr. Jay shares his personal and professional experience to help you feel like you are not alone on this journey. His love and support are palpable through his words, almost like he is there with you, wherever you are in the world.”

ben wurzel

Ben Wurzel

“Dr. Jay captures the wisdom of the ages in this gem of a book. Are you wondering how to shift your relationship with your life and its challenges? I certainly am and Dr. Jay greatly assisted me in the process with his insight, wit, and perspective!! The book dives deep into the healing dynamics of the mind and body. Highly recommend this book to anyone looking to go within and find meaning in their struggles and worries.”

lynn basile

Lynn Basile

“You've probably heard the phrase, "The only way out, is through." Read this, and you will gain a fresh perspective on what physical or emotional pain REALLY is, what it really represents, and how you can process it in healthy ways that will advance your spiritual growth. If you continue to process your pain in healthy ways, instead of avoiding it or shoving it away as most do, you can propel yourself to greater heights than you thought possible, and become a greater, deeper version of yourself than you may have thought you could be before undergoing this process.”

If It Didn't Hurt

Ultimate Guide To Embody Your Pain's Wisdom And Give Your Soul's Gifts

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