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Release Negative Energy By Embracing It First

The Negative Energy Myth

woman embracing herself, representing embracing negative enegy

Today I want to talk about a somewhat popular idea.

Everyone wants to release negative energy.

It seems in the healing world that energy is seen as bad or good or positive or negative.

In my experience, that’s an idea that can create more separation in people in their lives.

The truth, in my opinion, is that there’s no such thing as negative energy in the first place, and if we want to release negative energy… well, we’ve got to embrace is first.

The Truth About Negative Energy

As I was researching this topic, I was focused on what people had to say about it.

The question comes up: what is negative energy in the human body?

And of course, the popular opinion is that we tend to see negative energy as external to ourselves; there’s a sea of energy out there and, sometimes, that energy is negative.

We can either run into it or contract it if we get too close to someone who’s emitting negative energy or some situation where there’s negative energy.

However, in my experience, that’s not the way it works.

Our Relationship To Universal Energy

Here’s a video I made on the subject of life force energy:

The truth is is that there’s a universal energy that is creating and maintaining every moment, you and I included; our physical bodies, along with our emotions and our thoughts.

This universal energy turns into life force energy; it expresses through us and creates our physical selves, our emotions, even our mental intelligence.

Negativity happens when we can’t express that to its fullest extent; when we have separated parts of ourselves or pushed parts of that expression away.

Negativity then relates to the lens that we see life through, the meaning that we are placing on top of our experiences.

We see and feel through a warped lens!

We see ourselves and others through this kind of twisted, broken lens, and that’s where the negativity happens: through the interpretation that we are giving to life, ourselves, and others.

How Do We Acquire This Warped Lens?

When we’re in the womb and when we’re babies, the part of our nervous system that’s online is a part that’s just feeding on our environment.

There’s no thinking going on; we’re just relating directly to the energetic vibe of our environment.

We feel into the people; we pick up on all the ways that those people have learned from their previous experiences and their environment.

However, certain parts are not so welcome; we also pick up that we need to push these parts away.

Whether it’s anger or fear, we learn certain things about those emotions that we need to push away.

People make weird relationships with joy, love, and power; the things that make us human.

We learn from some of them to push these emotions away and keep them separate from our experience.

You’ve seen through the lens of your heart if you can express something, even when you’ve developed a weird relationship to it.

Anger, for instance, is passion; fear is excitement, but again, we’ve learned through certain lenses that these parts of ourselves are not okay, that there’s something wrong with them, that they are negative.

In the process, we’re just separating ourselves from parts of ourselves; creating fragmentation in ourselves, and there are a lot of things in our lives that we separate from ourselves.

There’s a wide variety of expressions that show up in our lives that are easy to call negative energy.

The ways that we’ve separated ourselves from those expressions are largely unconscious, so we tend to project that onto the external world; so we’ll see all of our repressed dark stuff in the world.

Likewise, the people in our world will project it onto our partners, onto our work colleagues, onto the government, and so forth.

My Experience With “Negative Energy” Reactions

A video I made about the benefits of embracing negative energy:

Or if you prefer, here it is in podcast form:

Often, when I work in an open room with multiple people, sometimes someone will be crying, someone will be experiencing anger or getting emotional.

Then there’s a person on the table next to them who will become triggered by this expression of emotion, being afraid that it will come up from them as well.

This reaction lights up a part of a relationship that they’re pushing away in themselves. At that moment, their lense feeds them that they might become angry or fearful themselves; the story that they have is that they are absorbing that person’s negative energy.

The truth is that perspective is lighting up a sort of repressed part of themselves, and it’s making them come into the relationship with that in themselves.

Usually, what happens is I coach people to leave their thoughts aside; looking if they can permit themselves to feel that fear or that anger or whatever they are repressing.

When they do, the same thing always happens: there’s a glance out of that experience, and when their system realizes that they’re not going to die if they feel it, there is a reorganization of their relationship to that energy.

Their heart opens up, leading them to a place of profound peace and compassion.

What Happens Outside Coaching

Likewise, the same people might be able to sense a hint of anger or negative energy in people in situations that they encounter out in the world.

Then, they’re likely to say, “oh, I need to get away from this person” or “I need to get away from this situation/this negative energy”.

If they could realize that reaction is just lighting up a relationship that they have in themselves and could have compassion; if they were aware first of all and able to accept that part of themselves, then they’d have more connection to themselves and they’d have compassion for that person.

Maybe they’d even be able to help that person somehow because they’d be able to share their gifts with that person.

In this way, you can see how separation in ourselves and this idea of “negative energy” keeps us separate from ourselves and others and keeps us from sharing our gifts.

How Does This Reaction Affect Us?

In a sense, these “negative feelings” are just parts of ourselves that need to be loved.

However, you can see how if we have conflicted relationships with parts of ourselves, it creates this inner pressure, usually manifesting itself emotionally as anger, depression, etc.

It could also manifest in our bodies as headaches, back pain, or organ systems that aren’t working like they’re supposed to work.

It could also show up as body chemistry that’s off, such as high blood pressure, auto-immune diseases, or some of the chronic mystery conditions that people have.

All of this is highly likely if we’re continually trying to separate ourselves from other parts of ourselves. You could say that in this manner, we perpetuate negative thinking.

How To Release Negative Energy

When people think that they have are being invaded by negative energy, a common question is “how do I get rid of that negative energy?”; or “how do I clear that from my body in my life?”

Certainly, there are a lot of techniques out there for clearing energy, comprising one level of strategy.

However, I would say what’s happening is that through most of these methods, the person is just acknowledging themselves on a deeper level, and by just looking at it, there can be an immense release, a huge clearing of what’s happening.

Then again, that’s just one level of strategy.

How Should We Manage These Reactions Then?

Another level of strategy is to include that part of ourselves; include the negative, the dark parts.

This level of strategy is called shadow work. In other words, where we recognize first that this is a part of ourselves, and we become aware that we were pushing this part of ourselves away.

The next step naturally would be to embrace it; to put your arm around it and say, “you and me we’re heading off into the sunset together.”

In this way, you’re not asking it to change at all but accepting it, and, ironically, when we integrate that, there is a change in the physical or mental, emotional, or physiological problems that that sort of separation was responsible for.

There’s a way in which we’re including that energy and transcending it.

Consequently, as opposed to pushing it away or as opposed to clearing it, we are including it and transcending it; and then, it becomes fuel for our healing, we become more whole.

That’s what healing means: it means to become more whole.

We’re integrating these parts of ourselves and that energy that we once thought was bad.

There’s wisdom in that, and it gets to influence us and prompt us to make changes that we didn’t necessarily have the power to do when we were pushing things away.

Final Thoughts

To conclude, let me state this again: there’s no such thing as negative energy in the first place and if you want to release it, you’ve got to come into relationship with it in a way that you don’t see it as negative any more.

It’s just a reflection of a way in which we are separating ourselves: we’re separating ourselves internally and when we’re pushing our dark, repressed parts away, we tend to see that in the external -the people, in the situations, in the world-.

And again, that only keeps us separate from the people, it keeps us separate from the world, it solidifies the separation that’s happening inside of us, ultimately keeps us from giving our gifts.

I look forward to helping you express more life.


Dr. Jay

Release Negative Energy By Embracing It First

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