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The Spine Reveals Six Spiritual Healing Secrets

Six Themes Along The Path To Healing And The Spine


The pain and problems that we experience in our bodies and lives can be traced back to our spine.

In this article I want to show you how the healing process, sometimes called ascension, is related to the spine.

Also, we will take a look at how life is nudging us through that process of spiritual healing and evolution.

Throughout our lives, during the healing journey, certain themes show up.

And since our spines are the conduit of consciousness, those themes will shows up in our bodies, and particularly in our spines.

In this post I’ll discuss the significance of our spine, and the six themes that show up on the healing journey.

Before I dive into the different themes and the different parts of the spine, I want to share with you the bigger picture of how we are connected to the spiritual world via our spine.

The Bigger Picture

The bigger picture is that, if you’re alive, you’re in a process of embodying your soul’s essence whether you know it or not.

Our nervous system is sort of the interface between our bodies and the spirit world; our bodies and our souls.

How Does The Nervous System Connect Us To The Spiritual Domain?

People are familiar with the physical nervous system which consists of the nerves in your spinal cord that travel throughout the body into every cell system and organ.

However, there’s also a part of our nervous systems that’s are energetic.

It’s this energetic part of the nervous system that is the interface between your body and your soul.

Those energetic fields, which make up the energetic part of our nervous systems, were there first when we were conceived.

Conception And Downloading Our Soul’s Essence

From my experience, having worked with thousands of people in the way that I do (BioSoul Integration) over the course of the last twenty years, this is what makes sense to me about the connection between our bodies and souls.

When we are conceived, there’s a window in the space-time continuum that gets opened up, and the different consciousness fields that will get involved in making you converge.

Also, there’s a container (an energetic matrix), and this energetic matrix is responsible for telling the cells what to turn into which part of the body.

So, it tells the cells whether to turn into your hand, or your head, or your nose, or your foot, or your heart, or whatever part of the body that is.

When you are conceived, the first thing that does come into the physical is your spinal cord, and your back brain or primitive brain.

Once the spinal cord is formed, the cells start congealing, and the first place they congeal is into your spinal cord and your spine, and then things around from that.

This lays down the roadway for all this energetic soul information to come into your body, and turn into you, to manifest you in the physical world.

Our spinal cord is like a conduit of consciousness, and those different consciousness fields that are in the background or the energetic sole source of you are still there.

Our spine forms around those, and we continue to develop from there; we keep developing physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

My Personal Experience

When I turned 40 some years back, I felt myself cross this threshold and felt like it was not about physical vitality, nor was it about being in the physical world as much as it was before.

The physical body tends to wane at some point, and in my case, my eyes started to go.

I could feel how I would crossed some threshold and it became more about giving my soul gifts on the planet focusing more on the spirit than it had been about the body previously.

There are these developmental stages that unfold, and life is nudging us through those developmental stages.

The nudge life gives us causes us to evolve and in the process of helping people evolve again, and my job is to help smooth out that process.

Because along the way we learn to resist that process of growth and that could be uncomfortable in a variety of ways, so, that our body can get our attention whether it’s symptoms or emotional things.

It’s our body getting our attention so that we can move through that stuff and evolve.

My job is to help permit what’s happening to take place anyway.

So in doing my work, since the nervous system is the continuity of consciousness, I work a lot with the nervous system; the energetic and the physical, as well as the spine.

And as we know, it is the spine that houses all of that.

There Are Different Themes In The Healing Journey

Here’s a video I made about six secrets that the spine reveals:

When I’m doing my work, it becomes apparent as people are embodying certain parts of this energetic field.

There are different themes that show up and by themes, I mean things that’s going on in people’s lives such as:

  • What are they working on?
  • What’s the context for what’s happening in their life?

This is because the details of the content are not so important, or the details of who the person is they’re dealing with, or the situation that they’re dealing with or whatever is not as important but the context is what is important.

And by context, I mean:

  • What’s the theme behind what’s going on?
  • Is it about trust, is it about being challenged to express your truth, is it about safety, is it about control, is it about being challenged to draw healthy boundaries?

There are a million different themes that come up along the healing journey but that’s what I mean by themes.

The context of the themes is important to pay attention to.

The content just keeps us wrapped up in our ego, and creates resistance.

But if we can bring our attention to the context( the theme) that’s very useful.

So, I want to take you through some of these themes are, how they’re related, and what parts of the spine that they’re related to.

A lot of these themes I will go through, was something I learned from Donald Epstein, a teacher of mine.

Donald Epstein developed Network Spinal Analysis, and his work is the basis for a lot of what I’m going to say.

His work has morphed over the years and become my own in different ways.

I do want to acknowledge his role in the foundation for that.

And also, his network care which is the foundation for my work ( BioSoul Integration) and so, I wanted to acknowledge him.

So, first, let’s start with the coccyx.

Intrinsic Self Worth and the Coccyx

From the top of the spinal cord to the area of your pelvis, then from the two sides, your pelvis down a little to the end is this little bone which is known as the coccyx, also known as your tail-bone at the end of your sacrum.

And your tail-bone is important, it kind of anchors your spine on one end and there’s a lot of information, a lot of connections happening with your coccyx.

Your coccyx is tied into your intrinsic self-worth.

It’s about you being connected to the planet as well as you being able to receive energy from the planet, and if you’re able to let that circulate through your body especially through your heart you’ll have a sense of intrinsic self-worth.

Also, you will have a sense of being valuable here because you certainly are valuable here.

The earth needs all seven billion of us to do our things.

I need you to do your thing, and you need me to do my thing, so, the earth wants you to do your thing.

That is why you came here, and it needs that for the overall evolution of the planet itself, the consciousness of the planet, and the consciousness of everyone on it.

So, you are very valuable, and your unique gifts and skills are very needed.

The function of your coccyx is to receive information from the planet, and if we’re connected with that, we have a sense that we are valuable.

But if along the way there’s a lack of oxygen, a lack of love, a lack of food, maybe you’re in the womb and your mother scared or she’s not sure she wants to have a baby, we embody that and we along the way afterward sense a lack of something, that we are not wanted here again.

If we get any sense that there’s a lack of anything, we embody the sense that maybe we’re not wanted here.

What happens when we do that is, we grip at the life force energy at the tail-bone there.

So, what we’re doing is we’re just holding on the life force energy because we’re like well, ” I don’t know if there’s going to be any more life force energy behind that, So I’m going to hold on to this little packet of life force energy and keep it because I don’t know if there’s going to be any more”. and of course, that’s not the way things work, there’s an abundant supply of resources.

But we might embody some lack and a sense of doubting our intrinsic self-worth, and as you’re unwinding that. that theme might come into play somehow in your life.

The Sacrum Connects Us To Who We Are And Why We’re Here

The next theme has to do with the sacrum.

The sacrum is a triangular-shaped bone leading to the coccyx.

The sacrum connects us with the part of us which knows who we are, and why we’re here.

Along the way, we might learn and if we’re connected with that part of our body and if the energy from the sacrum can flow through our body and especially our heart, we get the feel of sense like who I am, and why I’m here.

Furthermore, we might learn subtly through our parents or the culture at large that; who I am and why I’m here is not okay.

And so, since we rely on them for our survival, we will push that part of ourselves away; we will sequester it or we’ll sidestep it that might involve tension or involve ways that we hold tension in our sacrum.

To sidestep feeling that or pinch it off from our heart, it is when we decide we have to adopt someone else’s version of who we are. and why we’re supposed to be here.

I think a lot of people can relate to that.

There’s a certain age which is somewhere around the age of 28 to 35, where we start to differentiate from that.

We can differentiate from our parents, and differentiate from all those old identities like who am I really and why am I here.

And when we start to unravel that, then that’s the theme that we might come into in the relationship with her.

We might start to notice in our lives who we are, and why we are here and all that. So it has a lot to do with identities, a lot to do with shoulds that we’ve adopted like this is who I should be.

Lumbar: Safety, and Vulnerability

The next part of the spine we will take a look at is the lumbar.

The lumbar is the lower part of your spine.

It is all about safety, it’s all about vulnerability, and it’s often tied in with the top of the head where I’ll be talking about later.

But when we come into this world, and we feel everyone is pushing away their human vulnerability, we grip at the life-force energy in the gut, and try to lock down that life-force energy, so that we don’t have to feel it.

And as this unravels, we’re dealing with this field of consciousness that goes along with the lumbar, we might come into contact with, and we might notice that healing theme in our lives; that vulnerability and that safety.

The Heart: Connection

Then there’s the solar plexus, then there’s the heart.

The heart acts as the middle ground, the junction or interface between our physical body and our spiritual body; they meet at the heart.

With all these ways that we’re pushing different parts of ourselves away, whether it’s the coccyx, or the sacrum, or the low back, and the belly we’re trying to keep it from being felt in the heart.

And so we create armor around the heart, and as we’re unraveling that armor from around the heart, we start to feel more of our power from our base and you might start to feel fear as this unravels.

Also, we start to feel more and that theme might show up in your life.

Bottom Of The Neck Is Related To Our Ability To Express What Feels True And Right

We then come to the bottom of the neck, and the bottom of the neck is about the theme that goes with a part of us that knows what feels true and right for us.

If we’re connected with that part, we’re able to express what feels true, and right in any given moment.

Also, we’re able to honor the part of us, the vulnerable parts of us that have needs. So, that we can say yes when we mean yes, and we can say no and we mean no.

This helps us to draw healthy boundaries that enable us to honor the parts of us that have needs in any given moment without feeling ashamed of doing so, or without being apologetic for honoring what we need.

There might be things that happened when you were young that did not make you just feel right, and as no one around you tried to acknowledge it, and we just assumed that there must be something wrong with this part of me that knows or feels like this doesn’t feel right.

And so we pinching that off involves holding tension in that part of our spine.

Also by the way, when we do all of these, we change the shape of our spine and in all the other different places along with it.

So it is about honoring the parts of us that have needs, about connecting with what feels true and right, we’re able to express that.

The Base Of The Skull Is About Control

There is, however, an important place where the spine meets the skull and at the base of the skull has a lot to do with control.

It’s a fundamental thing. Again when we come into this world we feel how everyone’s trying to push away they’re vulnerable humaneness, and we grip at the life-force energy in the brain stem, and at the top of the neck where we’re trying to control our experience.

It’s a lot about the difference between thoughts and ideas that are in our head, and a real direct embodied experience of life.

It is a part of separating those things we might deal with ideas and concepts more, and not so much the actual felt sense of life.

And when we go about trying to control our experience we might again adopt the ideas from our parents, and the cultures before us.

This includes those ideas about who you know, what life is supposed to look like, and the role that we’re supposed to play, and how all that looks.

This also includes how we go about how we are trying to steer our world, and make it look like we think it’s supposed to look based on those concepts and those ideas we grew up with.

But the truth is that life has got something much cooler for us, a plan for us, and when we start to control our experience we might separate ourselves from people in circumstances and situations.

Again, we have this idea of what we think things are supposed to look like.

We might try to put a limit on the range and depth of motion that will permit us to feel.

We put a limit that keeps us bound to certain belief systems and ideas, and in so doing makes all the different ways that we’re trying to control our experience take a lot of energy.

There’s a lot of resources in our body tied up, a lot of vigilance in our system that’s tied up in controlling life, making it look like we think it’s supposed to look.

Now, vigilance shows up in various ways in people’s systems.

This is because we have to be ready for when life comes when the unfortunate happens in life, we’ve got to be ready.

So that we can put it in the place, or put it in the pigeon-hole that we’re supposed to put it in, or do the thing that we’re supposed to do with it, so that we can maintain an illusion of safety or control.

How These Themes Manifest In Our Bodies And Lives

Those are some of the different parts of the body and the different themes that are associated with those parts. Well, there could be a physical manifestation that could manifest physically as tension or body parts that aren’t working as you think they are supposed to.

For example, physiologically, if we’re holding tension in the lumbar we might notice, “oh I have trouble digesting my food” for instance.

Also, if you were holding tension in the sacrum, or the coccyx we might notice things going on with sexual organs or things like that.

And we might also notice the themes that we might find like, “oh I’m having trouble digesting things”, or you might notice you’re dealing with the theme of safety and vulnerability.

When we have tension up in our spine, we would notice that we have a cold, or maybe we might be losing my voice, and this can be linked to the theme that is to express your breath or express your voice.

These themes might show up in several different ways in your body, and this is kind of a big part of the healing journey.

But I’m curious if you’ve noticed these themes, maybe you’ve noticed having pain, or tension, or symptoms that go along with some part of your body but also become aware of the healing theme in your life.

So, if you’ve noticed themes like this, let me know in the comment section below.

If you’re willing tell me a little bit of your story.


Dr. Jay Uecker

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