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The 3 Tiers Of Embodied Spiritual Healing

Skip Any Layer And Spiritual Healing Is Incomplete


The word heal comes from an Old English word that means “to become whole.”

This becoming-whole process happens across three tiers or levels that are nested in each other.

This means that if complete spiritual healing must involve all three tiers.

As you may know, a lot of people who get into the healing world are familiar with the first level of healing.

However, a lot of people like to skip the second level of healing and go right to the third.

However, we don’t get to experience the depth or know the real glory of the third level of healing if we skip over the second.

So, this is what I want to talk about today, which is; to discuss the importance of the three levels of a body-mind or spiritual healing.

Let’s Talk About How We “Get Sick”

First of all, I want to discuss how we “get sick.”

Well, life is drawing us in the direction of our healing.

There’s just an inevitable pull towards becoming more whole.

What I mean here is; when we come into this world, a sensitive part of our system begins feeling into the people around us.

This causes us to start to feel the persistent resistance that’s baked into our system.

We assume that is the way the world operates because there are models for how to be human, and so we adopt that this persistent conditioned resistance.

This separation creates a kind of pressure in our system.

That pressure can show up at any point as back pain, emotional issues, or even other organ systems may seem not to be working as they’re supposed to.

Through the uncomfortable and inconvenient symptoms, Life is pushing the separation in us to the surface of awareness.

It takes a lot of energy to keep the separation unconscious and eventually we tire of maintaining the resistance.

This is because life is always drawing us towards our healing.

Like Standing In A River

Here’s a video I made about the three levels of healing:

Here it is in the form of a podcast:

If you’ve ever stood in a river and tried to stand still in a significant amount of water, say if it’s waist-deep or chest-deep or trying to go upstream, you’ll realize there’s a notable amount of pressure that’s created by trying to stand in a river.

This is what the persistent condition resistance feels like.

So, over time, life starts to wear us down because it takes a lot of resources to maintain this habituated conditioned resistance.

It takes a lot of resources that we don’t get to use for living, for loving, for living our authentic selves.

And so, over time, life starts to wear us down and what the symptoms that come up, as a result, are designed to get us to pay attention.

Clear, Include And Transcend

The three levels of healing are (based on the work of Dr. Donald Epstein):

  • To Clear
  • To Include and
  • To Transcend

Also, these levels of healing are not linear, but they’re nested.

An example of this are those “nested” Russian dolls.

In the case of nested Russian dolls there’s a big doll with many progressively smaller dolls inside of each other.

Likewise, there’s a level of healing that is foundational.

This level includes all levels of healing.

The second level of healing lives inside of that, and the first level of healing lives inside of the second.

It’s a nested whole that is why if you’re skipping the levels of healing, the other levels don’t get completed or experienced to the fullest because they’re all a part of a whole.

The First Level Of Healing: Clear

The first level healing is to clear, and once life starts to wear us down or we start to do some healing work, then we start to figure out that there’s been this habituated way in which we’re always trying to disconnect from that pressure that’s built up.

We learned again that that’s the way to do it. We’re always trying to not look at it to disconnect from it.

We start to learn a much better strategy that is; to turn towards this pressure and look at it and observe it and get more curious about it.

Just the act of doing that can create a great release into our system. And it can free up a lot of resources.

This is because there are all these resources we’re using to not look at it.

Just the act of looking can be a huge relief.

There a lot of techniques and a lot of modalities that are about clearing things conventional chiropractic on some level, it has deeper uses.

It could be about letting go of tension, clearing energy EFT emotional freedom technique.

There are other techniques like that; lots of energy work, different kinds of energy work, and it is all about releasing energy or clearing stuck energy or clearing energy.

To clear our energy can be very useful, and that’s one level of strategy.

Once our system sees that we’re clearing the same kind of energy that builds up over and over again, it starts to figure out that maybe there’s a more refined or more advanced level of healing.

Which is a more advanced strategy than letting go of the same energy that’s building up.

This brings us to the next level of healing which is to include.

The Second Level Of Healing: Include

So, on some level, the energy that builds up starts clearing certain parts of our body, and this becomes part of us.

At some point, if there’s enough space in our system, and if we have enough connection to resources, it’s useful to stay present with that energy as opposed to clearing it to let it build.

This will automatically happen when we are ready.

We’ll feel compelled to look more closely and let the tension build.

This causes us to feel compelled to stay present with it longer.

As that energy builds, some emotions come to the surface that we wouldn’t let ourselves feel those emotions.

They affect our impact; they affect our belief systems and start to involve our mental and emotional bodies.

And if we can stay with it, again, — our nervous systems are a self-organizing self and observing system– if we can stay with it, our system kind of starts to see that oh I’m not going to die.

When that happens, we are reorganizing our relationship to this energy that we were pushing down.

This was the energy we thought was such a threat. And we get to include it, and it becomes included in part of us.

This energy then gets to influence us– the emotion that it contains– We get to include the energy into our body, mind, and it starts to influence us.

It prompts us to take action, and it causes us to take to think and behave differently.

It gives us the strength to sort of like draw new lines in the sand, and stand up for parts of ourselves that we were habitually turning against.

It also gives us the ability to reclaim our power.

At the included stage, we start getting more in contact with our passion, and with what lights us up.

This makes us more aware of these things, and so there’s a way in which that energy can transform you.

As I have described it as going into the ocean, at a certain point the waves are smacking you down, they’re collapsing on top of you; but if you get out of certain ways, and past the breakers then you can come back, and you can ride the waves, and you can surf the waves in.

So, that’s what happens with this. If we include it, it influences us and becomes part of us, and we get to ride in it, and it drives us naturally towards our spiritual healing.

This is the essence of shadow work.

Finally, it drives us towards wholeness, and it drives us towards the part where we are given our gifts.

If we can get to the point where we include it, and that brings us to the next stage of the process which is; transcend.

The Third Level Of Healing: Transcend

As said earlier, a lot of people skip the transcend part.

This is because often the second level of healing can be uncomfortable, and so they skip right to the third level of healing which is more of a spiritual level.

With this level, we begin to see ourselves more clearly; we do not see ourselves through the hurts and traumas and accidents.

We do not see ourselves through the lens of the energy that we don’t want to look at.

We’ve cleared that energy, and we begin to see more clearly who we are and why we are here.

We have more access to compassion and love for ourselves and consequently for others.

We get more in touch with our authentic selves, more connected to God, to nature, ourselves, and others.

And so, there is a different kind of level of being that comes out of that.

Also, we have enough space and room connection to our soul to where we start to feel compelled to give our gifts, and we get to know whether we’re going to get anything in return or not.

We just feel compelled to give our gifts, and of course, the world opens up.

We’ve transcended the self and our old identities that were based on lack and survival; we have also transcended those identities, and so, it’s clear to include and to transcend.

Those are the levels of healing or body-mind healing.

So, I hope this article helped you understand the various levels of healing, and I hope with this, you’ll be able to appreciate all the processes of healing.

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The 3 Tiers Of Embodied Spiritual Healing

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