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The Purpose Of Pain: Let Pain Show You Your Authentic Self

Did You Know That Pain Has A Purpose?

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This post is going to focus on the purpose of pain and how pain is actually an integral part of life.

However, our culture tends to believe that pain doesn’t have a purpose, it’s something to be avoided.

This causes problems , though.

If we let pain do it’s job it will strip away our false senses of self and reveal our authentic selves.

If we understand and accept that pain has a purpose, we can actually leverage pain to our benefit.

Pain is Inevitable

We all experience pain one way or another, whether it’s physical, psychological, or spiritual pain.

We might get injured or have an accident or get sick. Someone will hurt our feelings.

Despite our best laid plans life won’t go our way.

At times we won’t be able to get the voice inside our heads that keeps telling us negative things to shut up.

There will be times in life when we doubt ourselves, feel disconnected from Source–feel lost.

We’re going to experience loss, and eventually we’re going to get old and die.

It feels cruel to say all of that but you’ve got to admit that none of it is a lie.

Those are just the facts of life. To that extent pain is an integral part of life.

It’s not just a cruel irony.

There is a purpose to pain.

But in our culture people try to avoid it and act as though it doesn’t exist.

We tend to look at it as an obstacle to get around or a problem to rid ourselves of.

We try to avoid it because we think that pain gets in the way of our lives looking the way we think they should look.

Pain and Life Work Together: Those Are The Rules Of The Game

Life and pain are not opposing forces, they work together.

Those are kind of the rules of the game of life.

If you don’t know the rules of life then it’s going to feel like you’re not very good at the game and it won’t be any fun.

This reminds me of an experience I had playing basketball when I was a kid.

When I was a kid, you could play basketball when you hit 5th grade so I went out for the team.

During practice we did a lot of running. They didn’t teach us the rules of basketball; I think they just assumed that everybody knew.

When game time came I was in great shape, but I didn’t have the slightest idea how to play basketball.

They’d give me the ball and five seconds later the referee would blow the whistle at me.

I didn’t know that you couldn’t take more than two steps without dribbling the ball.

It’s called traveling and it’s a violation of the rules of the game. I didn’t know that after making a basket, you’re supposed to take the ball out of bounds and then check it back in.

There are lots of little rules like that.

I was clueless about what I had done or what I hadn’t done and consequently it was a miserable experience all around.

My experience might have been different if someone had taken me aside and taught me the rules of the game.

I might have had a great time and who knows how many years I might have played.

We’re Failing At The Pain Game

I think we kind of have that relationship with pain because we’re making a mess of things.

In our society, we tend to want to avoid pain.

An estimated seven million kids are taking some kind of psychoactive medication.

One out of every six adults is taking anti-depressants.

Then there’s this whole opioid crisis.

People are loosing their shit and shooting other people.

I think this all has to do with our tendency to push pain, an essential part of life, away.

Pain’s Not Supposed To Go Away

Author, teacher, mystic and founder and creator of Network Spinal Analysis, Donald Epstein said, “If you’re not living your purpose on the planet it’s supposed to hurt and nothing’s supposed to take that pain away.” 

That’s a pretty evocative statement.

This is the assumption I’m working from: We are souls in a physical body and we’re trying to learn how to express our soul’s gifts here on this planet.

Each person has a soul essence that they bring to the table along with certain gifts and skills.

The evolving consciousness of the planet needs us to do that to fulfill our purpose on the Earth.

When we come into this world we feel how everyone is kind of pushing that part of themselves away, rather than embracing those gifts.

I think it has a lot to do with religion but people got in the habit of pushing away their soul’s gifts.

As children, we see and feel our how our family does it and they teach us to do the same thing.

Not trusting our soul’s essence gets passed down from our grandparents to us and from us to our children automatically and unconsciously through a process called entrainment.

We Become Fragmented

In order to disconnect from that part of ourselves we have to fragment ourselves physically, psychologically and spiritually.

We push those parts of ourselves away and adopt these false identities out of a perceived need to survive. 

Most of what we end up believing about ourselves is not really based on who we really are, our authentic selves, but on ideas and concepts that come from our lineage.

Pushing away your soul’s essence is painful.

But we learn to also push away pain.

Suppressing feelings and emotions is not healthy.

Getting into a habit of pushing away pain to avoid dealing with it causes physical and emotional distress.

We tend to adopt this as a habit because everyone in our family does it.

We unconsciously assume that it is what we are supposed to do as well.

Those ideas and concepts are then projected into our own future.

We end up creating an unfortunate habit in our own bodies and lives.

Pain Draws Us Into The Present Moment

To be whole, and not fragmented, you as a soul need to be able to express yourself.

The planet consciousness needs you to express your authentic self and your soul’s gifts as opposed to the thoughts and ideas in our heads which don’t really exist in the present moment.

They are about the past and live in the past.

But thinking about them draws us instantly into the present moment.

When we bring our attention to the sensations in our body we connect to the life force energy in our body.

When we are connected to the life force energy in our bodies it creates an uplink to the wisdom of our souls–to the massive intelligence that animates Life.

When we are connected to that wisdom we will we start to entrain to it.

With our soul’s wisdom as the foundation main connection in our bodies and lives, those false identities start to crumble. 

The Real Purpose of Pain: To Dissolve Our False Self And Reveal Our Authentic Self

Here’s a video I created on the subject:

Or if you prefer to do your learning while working in the yard or something, here’s a podcast of the same thing:

Pain draws our attention to the life force energy in our bodies and when that’s the case, the false identity start to drop away and so pain is designed to strip away everything that’s not relevant to the present moment.

Pain is designed to strip away false identities and help us manifest our authentic selves.

If you look back at some of the hardest and most painful times in your life, you might recognize that you made it through and you’re stronger for having endured it.

Through pain comes growth. Some of the biggest and most important decisions in your life were probably motivated by pain.

The transformation that occurred would not have been possible without it. The result of facing difficulties head on is emotional strength and freedom.

There are people in the world who have endured atrocities that would humble the strongest person, and they survived as a testament to the power that the soul has to survive.

Maybe they were imprisoned, tortured, or had family members who were killed or held captive as prisoners of war.

Their hearts were broken but they were also broken open.

Because of their hardships they became capable of great compassion and and a passion to help others.

Going Toward Pain Is The Solution

Pain is a beacon that lets us know something needs to change.

It purifies us until we become the person who can make that change.

When we let our attention rest on the pain, it lubricates that process of transformation.

So instead of avoiding painful times in our lives and trying to bury those feelings, come toward them.

You’ll learn from them and it will speed up that transformation process.

When we start this as a new habit, it becomes easier to deal with the hard times.

It becomes easier to process painful emotions in a way that allows us to grow and be better for it.

If you’re going through a painful time in your life right now, hang in there, you’re going to be okay.

Life is transforming you. 

It is purifying you, allowing your soul’s gifts to come to the surface so they can be expressed as they were intended to be. It is a natural part of our spiritual growth.

Pain is a part of life, you can’t have the good without the bad.

You can’t have light without the dark.

Pain and life go together. You have to learn to balance the two to live in harmony with the Life.

The Purpose Of Pain: Let Pain Show You Your Authentic Self

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