The Purpose Of Pain: Let Pain Show You Your Authentic Self

What is the purpose of pain in our lives? It strips away everything that is not relevant to who we are in the present moment and reveals our authentic selves.

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Entrainment: The Force That Life Uses To Drive Us Toward Healing And Spiritual Evolution

Life is driving us in the direction of our healing and spiritual evolution by way of the universal principles of entrainment.

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Bad Posture And Depression: How To Heal Both In The Same Motion

Discover the one, key factor that links bad posture and depression and learn how you can use it to heal both.

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Heal The Pain Body: Free Yourself From Physical, Emotional And Spiritual Pain

Discover how physical, mental/emotional and spiritual pain are linked to something called the “pain body,” plus the 4 step process you can use to heal your pain body.

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Shadow Work: 3 Keys To Quickly Integrating Your Shadow Self

Discover the key element that will speed up and smooth out the process of integrating your shadow self, plus 3 steps to doing shadow work successfully.

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