Emotional And Physical Pain: How To Free Yourself Without Drugs And Surgery

Any experience of emotional or physical pain is a actually a tangled up complex of many different kinds of pain. Here’s how to unravel it.

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It’s Only Holistic Healing If You’re Becoming A “Wholer” Version Of Yourself

Holistic healing is so much more than just getting rid of symptoms, it’s about your evolution as a human being.

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Learn To See Crises As Self Improvement Challenges Instead

Instead of letting it overwhelm and crush us, every crisis in life can be turned into a self improvement challenge and a growth opportunity.

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BioSoul Integration Podcast Nominated As A Top Podcast By Welp Magazine

The BioSoul Integration Podcast was recently nominated as one of the best podcasts in its category by Welp Magazine.

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Stop Trying To Control Everything And Trust Life More

The way that we control is based on a survival reflex. Life is holding us with care. We can stop trying to control everything and just let go.

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Soul Purpose: How to Discover What Lights You Up

Your soul’s purpose is why you’re here. To discover your soul’s purpose, follow your sense of what lights you up. Here’s how…

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Boulder Energy Healing Practitioners Helped Me Heal

Here are some of the best energy healing practitioners that I’ve had the pleasure of working with in Boulder, Colorado.

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Grounding Kundalini Is Key To Embodying The Energy, Easing The Symptoms And Integrating Its Gifts

Can’t go back now. Grounding kundalini, integrating it and embodying the energy will ease the symptoms and make clear your soul’s path.

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Increase Life Fore Energy For Greater Health, Wellness And Consciousness

Life force energy fuels our bodies, supports our thoughts and emotions and connects us to Source, which is why it’s the key to our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health.

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