Humbled By This Endorsement From Lawrence Conlan, Boulder Area Healer Extraordinaire

Jay truly sees Truth and shares It with finesse, courage and creativity. He’s a true healer.

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The Truth About Spiritual Ascension That No One Talks About

The New Age community likes the IDEA of spiritual ascension but the on-the-ground reality is that it’s not all unicorns and rainbows.

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The Spine Reveals Six Spiritual Healing Secrets

Understand these crucial, but little known, components of the path to spiritual embodiment and how they relate to the spine, and start moving forward again.

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The 3 Tiers Of Embodied Spiritual Healing

There are three nested themes that show up along the path to healing. Skip any one of them and healing will be incomplete.

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5 Spiritual Principles You’ll Realize During The Course Of Your Spiritual Embodiment

During the course of our spiritual embodiment there are five principles that we will naturally come to realize.

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Embodied Spirituality: 3 Essential Steps On The Path To Embodying Your Soul’s Gifts

The process of embodied spirituality is the process of transformation we go through as we embody our soul’s gifts. There are 3 steps we must go through.

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The Source Of Pain Is Bound Up Life Force Energy

Pain can occur in many forms—physical, psychological and spiritual. All of the discomfort that we experience in our bodies and lives ultimately has bound up life force energy as its source.

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Heal Pain With The Power Of Presence

All the energy bound in our pain and our problems, if catalyzed by presence, will propel us to the upper limits of what’s possible for our bodies and lives.

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Healing Spiritual Pain By Paying Attention to Your Body

Spiritual pain is an esoteric sounding concept. Yet the key to integrating our spiritual selves it to bring our attention to our bodies.

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