Life Force Energy: Amplify It For Greater Health, Wellness And Consciousness

Life force energy fuels our bodies, supports our thoughts and emotions and connects us to Source, which is why it’s the key to our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual health.

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Soul Healing: A Complete Guide To Embodying Your Soul So You Can Share Your Gifts On The Planet

In this complete guide to soul healing learn about the soul, soul energy, soul wounds and more, so you can embody your soul and share your soul’s gifts.

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What Is Network Spinal Analysis, How Does It Work & How It Led To BioSoul Integration?

Learn the history and mechanics behind Network Spinal Analysis and how it is the underpinnings for my own work, BioSoul Integration.

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Ultimate Energy Healing Guide: The 3 Crucial Components Of Effective Energy Healing Therapies

Energy is the back office to everything that we think is solid and physical. Energy healing restores the bodies natural tendency to heal itself…

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Energy Healing Illuminates The Emotional Pain Behind The Physical For Louisville Woman

But more than eliminating the physical symptoms, I have been able to reflect on, appreciate, and acknowledge the emotional pain underlying the physical expression.

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Westminster Woman Says Energy Healing Is About Self-Empowerment And Self-Healing

I am constantly amazed how after every session I feel more open, more connected more receptive to the abundance in the World.

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Release Negative Energy By Embracing It First

It’s common practice in the new age world to label energy as either good or bad but it’s an idea that can keep us from truly healing.

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Will Psychedelics Speed Up Your Embodied Spiritual Growth?

Psychedelics are touted as a fast and easy way, some say the only way, to deepen spiritual growth and awakening. But is that true?

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Boulder Energy Healer Finds Healing At BioSoul Integration Center

In the past six months I’ve transcended so much of my ‘crap’. I highly recommend Jay and his gift as a healer.

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