yin yang symbol with crisis on one side and opportunity on the other every crisis is an opportunity

Every Crisis Is An Opportunity Waiting To Happen

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity.

Albert Einstein

The Universe Isn’t Out To Get You

When a crisis hits, it is difficult to believe that the Universe isn’t out to get you.

It isn’t.

When things happen that cause upheaval in your life, it is the Universe’s way of telling you it is time to feel, think, and behave in a different way.

You are being nudged toward becoming your authentic self.

It is time to recognize your soul’s gifts and understand how to share those gifts with the world.

You are being directed toward fulfilling what you have come to this existence to accomplish.

Today, let’s take a look at how every crisis is an opportunity.


One of the strongest motivators the Universe uses is relationships.

All relationships help us discover our soul’s gifts, but one of the strongest is the relationship we have with our children.

I learned this with my daughter, Oriah.

While we were dating, my wife and I had been ambivalent about having kids.

Once we were married, however, something changed for my wife and she decided she wanted a baby.

I kept putting the discussion off.

The idea made me uneasy, and if she hadn’t told me that it was “a baby or the relationship” I might still be procrastinating.

I wasn’t sure I wanted a baby, but I definitely wanted the relationship.

I was at a turning point in life. 

Fear and Pregnancy Brain

Here’s a talk I did that was filmed at Althea Center For Engaged Spirituality in Denver on the subject of turning crisis into opportunities for spiritual growth:

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I realized that what was causing my ambivalence was plain and simple fear.

As a control freak, I like to know what will happen and how it will happen.

This isn’t possible with children.

There are so many possibilities, so many things that can go wrong and I would have no control over them.

This was a scary proposition.

Then pregnancy brain entered the picture.

Women have long been familiar with the phenomenon of pregnancy brain, but I noticed a form of pregnancy brain, too.

I was aware that I’d stepped into a stream of consciousness that extended into the past and into the future.

I had a strong sense that I was completing a circuit and that all was as it should be.

Emotions like fear or anger would arise, but before they could really influence my thoughts, they would dwindle away.

I would get defensive and want to defend myself against something that didn’t even exist or I would start to worry.

All those negative thoughts would gently be washed away and I’d find myself in a “happy place” of sorts.

Big Love

a heart every crisis is an opportunity

A friend told me that I needed to get ready for what he called “Big Love.”

I looked into the eyes of my daughter when she was born and it was then I realized what he was saying.

Not only did I find myself stepping away from my own self-centered thinking and beginning to feel unconditional love for this tiny person, but that love expanded to everyone else.

More importantly, from a healing perspective, that love included the child in myself that had been neglected for so long.

All seemed perfect, but as is bound to happen, personal challenges were on the horizon.

Massage of the Universe

A teacher of mine, Shinzen Young, has said that everything in the Universe is simultaneiously contracting and expanding.

We see this duality every day in such things as male and female, night and day, in the digitial world where everything is built on a foundation of 1’s and 0’s.

As the Universe goes about this constant expanding and contracting, we do the same because we are embedded in the fabric of the Universe.

Shinzen Young referrd to this as the “massage of the Universe” that occurs in our bodies and lives.

Sometimes a massage is the gentle, integrative kind.

And sometimes the massage is a bit more rough—it’s good for us in the end, but it’s not comfortable.

Important cross roads in life are often highlighted by the rougher, more uncomfortable kind during which contraction and crisis show up.

Crisis Occurs

picture of my daughter on the beach every crisis is an opportunity
My daughter, Oriah

One day as I was bathing my daughter, I noticed a lump on her side.

It was barely perceptible, but my chiropractic training tought me to notice even slight asymmetries.

The next day, the lump appeared to be gone but we took her to the doctor anyway and he ordered tests.

They found cancer in her kidney. 

I became overwhelmed with emotion.

I was scared, angry and sorrowful.

I realized that she might die.

I prayed for grace.

I sent out my wishes to the Universe that my little girl would make it through.

I then resolved to meet these emotions and then trust that the Universe would make all turn out as it should.

My prayers were answered.

She had a rare and non-aggressive kind of cancer that shows up in the kidneys known as a Wilm’s tumor.

The doctors had to operate and remove her kidney.

She received radiation and chemotherapy treatments.

However, any treatments that might cause pain were done under sedation.  

She came through it without all the poking and prodding and pain I had feared would be present, and she lived.

I learned much from this.


Our emotions are on a continuum with “negative” emotions on one end and “positive” on the other.

We have been programmed through generations to pinch off any negative emotions.

We are told that sorrow, fear, anger, and other negative emotions are to be ignored, pushed aside and gotten past.

The problem with this is that when we pinch off one end of the emotional spectrum, we also pinch off the other end.

We dim the negative emotions, but we also dim the positive ones of love, joy, peace, and passion.

And it’s through passion that we are able to recognize our soul gifts.

Passion is what shows us the path we are meant to follow to be our authentic self.

If we don’t become fully present with the negative emotions that come with overcoming challenges in life, we also can’t fully know the passion.

If I had not allowed myself to feel the fear and sorrow that came with my daughter’s illness, I would have destroyed myself.

Trust the Process

If I had pinched off the negative emotions, I would have ended up destroying my health, my body, possibly my marriage.

I needed to fully trust the process.

This is how you can overcome the challenges that are inevitably going to occur in this massage of the universe.

Feel the emotions.

It isn’t always your thoughts that are important but instead how your body feels.

Know that pinching off these emotions instead of acknowledging them and learning from them, you also limit your ability to experience positive emotions.

For every moment you’re actually present with these emotions, you are integrating them and gaining valuable wisdom for your body and life.

You are deepening your understanding of what Source is trying to tell you.

You learn what you need to change in order to get back on the path your soul is meant for.

Life is not screwing with you.

It is holding you up and guiding you.

Welcome the opportunity to grow.

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I look forward to helpin you express more life,


Every Crisis Is An Opportunity Waiting To Happen

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