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What Is Network Spinal Analysis, How Does It Work & How It Led To BioSoul Integration?

Network Spinal Analysis inspires us to trust the healing power within us.

Deepak Chopra, M.D.

What Is Network Spinal Analysis?

In 1985 a New York chiropractor named Donald “Donny” Epstein began developing a gentle form of wellness, chiropractic care that he called Network Spinal Analysis™ (NSA), also known as Network Chiropractic, or more recently, Network Spinal.

NSA is an evidenced-based approach to wellness and body awareness in which gentle, precise spinal contacts cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

These strategies are associated with a spontaneous release of spinal tensions and the use of existing tension as fuel for body/mind reorganization.

Donny Epstein and his Epienergetics organization, located in Longmont, Colorado, have been researching, refining and teaching Network Chiropractic all over the world ever since.

Network Spinal Analysis is at the heart of my work, so let me explain more about NSA and how it works before we get to talking about BioSoul Integration.

How Does Network Spinal Analysis Work?

The Spinal Gateway

According to Epstein the purpose of Network Spinal Analysis is to activate and sensitize, what he has termed, spinal gateways.

Epstein’s spinal gateways are purported to be focal points of free or unbound energy that tend to be located on spinal segments where the dura (the connective tissue sheath that surrounds the spinal cord) attaches to the vertebrae, generally in the areas of the cervical and sacral spine.

In other words, spinal gateways appear to be a bridge between the energetic structure of the body and the physical structure of the body.

When a spinal gateway is activated and sensitized through touch, it becomes a powerful “oscillator,” or generator of available free energy and resource that according to Epstein, “serves to assist the central nervous system in moving from [a state of] defense physiology and accompanying posture toward one of adaptive self-assessment and reorganization.”

Entrainment Activates The ‘Heart Oscillator’

Here’s a video I made from a Transformational Gate on entrainment and the heart oscillator:

Network Chiropractic is delivered in a series of levels of care, each level adding a new tier of complexity, organization and adaptability to the whole body-mind system, along with another oscillator.

The culmination of these levels of care, and the entrained oscillators that go along with each level, is that of level three and the development of the “heart oscillator.”

Once the heart oscillator is activated, it sensitizes and entrains the physical, mental/emotional and energetic systems to the coherent patterns of intelligent information that are said by Epstein to be generated by the heart’s energetic field.

Because the principles of entrainment play such an important role in this process, Epstein began referring to a Network session as an entrainment session, or simply, an entrainment.

We Are All Connected And Entraining To Each Other

Below is the first video in a series of 4 videos I made on how the principles of entrainment can be leveraged for our healing:

Through his uncanny ability to track patterns and observe energetic phenomena in people, Epstein noticed that his client’s nervous systems were entraining together.

That is, they appeared to be sharing the wellness and consciousness shifts via the information exchange between their overlapping energetic fields, or “energetic intelligences”, as Epstein would later refer to them.

Because of these observations, Epstein began performing entrainment sessions with multiple people positioned on tables next to each other. He also noticed that when multiple people received a Network entrainment together, a powerfully amplified, group entrainment field was created which seemed to increase the potency of the entrainment session for those involved.

For even more on the healing power of entrainment, read my in-depth article entitled, “Entrainment: Force That Life Uses To Drive Us Toward Our Healing And Spiritual Evolution.”

Leveraging the Heart And The Principles Of Entrainment To Create Positive Social Change

transformational gate
Photos from the 150th Transformational Gate in Mahwah, New Jersey. November 2012.

Epstein recognized that spreading the wellness and consciousness benefits of the heart-entrained state to large numbers of people represented the potential for making a significant, positive social impact.

Subsequently he began holding weekend-long programs, called Transformational Gates, where three hundred to five hundred people would come together in order to receive a number of Network entrainments and spend time in the resulting, heart-generated, group entrainment field.

As of the writing of this paper there have been several hundred Transformational Gate programs held in numerous places in the United States, and Europe.

To date these Transformational Gate programs have served tens of thousands of people world wide.

In addition to this tens of thousands of people receive ongoing Network Chiropractic or Network Spinal care at private offices all over the world.

These numbers continue to rise as more and more people feel compelled to seek out the natural, heart-centered solutions for living that our current and future eras are demanding that we find.

Does Network Spinal Analysis Work? Research Says Yes…

The heart-entrained state produced by a Network entrainment results in a wide range of positive shifts in health, wellness and consciousness.

These positive shifts were documented in a landmark research study, conducted in 1997, involving nearly three thousand people who were receiving Network Care across the USA, Australia, Canada and Puerto Rico.

This study, carried out in conjunction with noted neurobiologists at the University of California, Irvine Medical College, found that Network Chiropratic is associated with statistically significant, positive shifts in: physical well-being, stress levels, emotional and psychological well-being, life enjoyment, lifestyle changes and overall quality of life.

Network Spinal Analysis Is The Foundation For BioSoul Integration

Network Spinal Analysis The Technique

Dr. Jay Uecker from the BioSoul Integration Center

I’ve been practicing in the Boulder area for nearly twenty years now.

I started out practicing Network Chiropractic but along the way my work turned into something else.

You may or may not know the way Network Care looks.

Practitioners can be seen taking gentle contacts in certain spots along a person’s spine, or sometimes in the field around a client’s body.

These contacts are generally made in accordance with a protocol–a sort of flow chart of if this then this–a technique.

Something interesting started happening to me.

While working with clients I often felt a strong urge to make contacts in places and in ways that did not seem to fit into the strict Network technique protocol.

I often felt compelled to ask clients certain questions or have them do things like breathe a certain way or make a sound.

Not knowing where all this fit into the Network technique was hard for me, it created conflict in me.

Stepping Outside Of Technique

About that time I encountered a healing crisis of my own that prompted me to take more responsibility for my own healing journey.

Through a mentor and teacher of mine, Lawrence Conlan (who had been a Network practitioner for many years in Boulder, Colorado), I discovered mindfulness meditation.

While being observed while working with a client during one these retreats, Lawrence suggested I “watch the river of chi (life force energy).”

As soon as he said that something in me clicked on–it was like I had been waiting to hear those words.

I knew what the river of chi was, it was the thing that had been calling me to work with people in a certain way and suddenly I could sense it.

It was like his suggestion had given me permission to work with the river of chi, something that had been there all along.

Following the river of chi has allowed me to support my clients to experience their authentic selves (a version of us in which our soul’s gifts and our soul’s essence is embodied and expressed) more deeply, and it’s been way more fun for me.

I call my work BioSoul Integration.

BioSoul Integration

Dr. Jay performing bioSoul integration

Through BioSoul Integration, an effective body-centered energy healing method, my mission is to help individuals create an ever-deepening connection to their bodies, their lives and their World; to help those who have felt the strong calling to embody their Soul’s purpose and to give their unique gifts on this planet.

People from Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Broomfield and Westminster come to my office in Louisville, CO to receive hands-on BioSoul Integration.

Incidentally I also do distance work with people who are not local to my area.

If you’re curious if you’d be a good candidate to receive BioSoul Integration, click the link to receive a personalized energy healing guide.

Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

I look forward to helping you express more life,

Dr. Jay

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What Is Network Spinal Analysis, How Does It Work & How It Led To BioSoul Integration?

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

I've been supporting people through the ups and downs of their healing journeys for almost two decades now, mostly delivering BioSoul Integration from my office in Louisville, Colorado. However, it's possible to receive BioSoul Integration at a distance, as well. Those who seem to be most drawn to my work tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to consciously do the work of leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings. Discovering our soul's gifts, embodying them and then serving others with them is where true life satisfaction lies. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration can help speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by our innocent and unconscious resistance. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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