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Healing Pain: Physical, Emotional And Spiritual

Pain Is A Knot

a knot representing tangled up physical, emotional and spiritual pain

Do you find that healing pain that you might be experiencing in your body and/or your life seems difficult or maybe even impossible?

Are there certain illnesses, injuries, thoughts and/or emotions that keep coming up, certain situations that are not resolving.

There are 3 types of pain: physical, psychological (mental and emotional) and spiritual pain.

Often these three different kinds of pain are tangled up and interwoven together, like a knot.

Usually we are aware of only part of that knot.

The reason the pain or the hurt or the painful situation won’t resolve is because we’re not able to see the other strands of the pain knot.

To begin resolving any pain, physical, emotional or spiritual, it requires that we take a closer look at it so that we can begin to see how the different kinds of pain are related–we’ve got to address the whole knot.

Healing Pain Doesn’t Mean It’s Going To Go Away

This may be instantly disappointing to some but resolving pain doesn’t necessarily mean that pain is gonna go away.

Most of the time pain is there to get us to pay attention to an issue that involves all aspects of our lives, to prompt us to make a change that needs to happen.

This means that just making the pain go away wouldn’t necessarily solve the problem.

That’s where our modern health system and its tendency to focus on symptom relief alone, fails us.

For most people getting pain to “go away” actually means that the pain is 70% less intense, just enough so they can limp, methaphorically and/or literally speaking, through their lives.

Getting pain to “go away” might mean that pain comes and goes throughout their lives, but never really resolves.

That’s because the pain is trying to get people to stop and pay closer attention to compel them to change their lives.

If they’d listen and were able to make that change, the pain would likely go away.

But even if it didn’t the level of satisfaction they’d experience in life as a result of that change would be so satisfying that the pain wouldn’t be a problem.

Believe it or not there are more empowering solutions to pain than just having it go away.

Different Types of Pain

This is a video from my YouTube channel on the three kinds of pain and how you have to address all three kinds if you want pain to change in any lasting way:

This podcast originally aired as the above YouTube video:

Again, there are three different kinds of pain: physical, mental/emotional and spiritual.

Physical Pain

Let’s talk about physical pain first. There are even three different kinds of physical pain.

There’s acute pain, the kind caused by accidents and injuries.

Then there’s the stress-related pain that creeps up on us over time and may manifest as back pain, neck pain headaches or joint pain.

There’s also chronic pain, which can be associated with a long standing injury, arthritis, fibromyalgia, or any one of a dozen or so “mystery conditions,” those conditions that medical science really can’t explain very well.

Psychological Pain

There is psychological pain that is usually tied to the thoughts and emotions around some perceived sense of inadequacy in ourselves.

We don’t feel worthy, loved, or capable of accomplishing our goals.

Depending on the particular brand of psychological pain we want to focus on it could be called suffering, mental pain, psychic pain, emotional pain or social pain.

Psychological Hurts Connected To Physical Pain and Vice Versa

If you’ve ever had an injury from an accident you know that there is psychological pain tied up with that injury, like fear for example.

If we pay close attention we’d see that our experience of the physical pain is impacted by our ability to be aware of the psychological factors of physical pain.

Likewise, if you’ve ever experienced a tough breakup or the loss of a loved on you know that the anguish of heartache actually hurts in a physical way.

Again, our ability to heal the emotional hurt is impacted by our ability to include the physical parts of that psychological pain.

Chronic or Recurring Pain

It’s widely accepted that the  hidden cause of chronic pain is unprocessed (buried or suppressed) emotions.  

If we want to resolve pain we have to be aware of and address all of those aspects.

Imagine the pain as being sort of a knotted rope. In order to get rid of the knot, you have to work the parts of the knot loose.

Spiritual Pain

In my way of looking at it, spiritual pain could be described as feeling disconnected from “Source.”

This might leave us feeling lost and wondering if there is a purpose to our lives, asking ourselves what is the right path to take?

Spiritual pain can also be called existential pain or soul pain.

The Founder of Hospice and The Idea of Total Pain

While doing some research, I came across a lady named Dame Cicely Mary Saunders, an English doctor and the founder of the hospice movement.

She opened St. Christopher’s Hospice in South London in 1967.

She has since passed away, but she listened intently to her patients and what they had to say and it was her belief that when people know that they’re dying it kind of brings everything to the surface.

She introduced the idea of “total pain” including psychological and spiritual as well as physical pain.

When people die an important kind of crisis takes place. It’s like a door of awareness opens.

This awareness creates space for all of their unprocessed physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual pain to come to the surface to be felt.

Dr. Saunders referred to this crisis and the pain that comes up as “total pain.”

Healing Pain

The crisis that happens during death is similar to the crisis that happens during the transformational process, where indeed, a sense of self is dying.

It’s during these healing crises, when they’re going through some sort of transitions in their lives, that people find me and my office.

They are usually prompted by some kind of pain.

That pain is an entry point to address something larger that’s happening in their lives that involves the different kinds of pain already mentioned.

Again, all of the different kinds of pain must be addressed if the pain is to resolve.

Resolve = Find A Solution

As I said before, resolving pain doesn’t necessarily mean making it go away.

I mean it in the strictest sense of the word, that we’re finding a solution.

Resolve = Magnify And Take a Closer Look

Usually that solution involves another sense of the word resolve to take a closer look and get clearer on the parts of the pain—resolve in the sense that you do when you spread your fingers on a pictures on your smart phone to zoom in.

As you know, you can’t untie a knot by holding it at arm’s length.

It’s necessary to get really close to the knot and sort of work or massage each of the strands or in order to work the knot loose.

Healing pain requires the same thing.

You have to see how all the different parts relate to each other if you really want to resolve the pain.

It’s natural to want to just make the pain go away by taking a pill but that is only a temporary solution.

Suppressed pain will resurface again later on, manifesting as back pain, emotional issues and/or illness.

The suppressed energy will keep coming to the surface until you give it your attention.

If You Push Pain, Pain Tends To Push Back

Pain is a living thing.

It has a consciousness of its own.

When we fight against something or push against something (resistance) that’s alive it tends to push back.

It’s a term that world renown author and spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, came up with is ‘pain body.”

According to Eckhart Tolle the pain body is an entity of sorts that feeds on negativity in our bodies and lives.

I made a video and wrote a blog post about the “pain body.”

Pain is bound-up energy.

I’m sure you’ve heard it said that energy is never destroyed it just changes state.

You might make your back pain go away today only to find that you have digestive issues tomorrow.

You might make your digestive issues go away today only to find that you have emotional issues tomorrow.

The living thing that is pain wants to get our attention. It just wants us to stop and listen.

It will get louder and louder until it finds a way to make itself seen and heard.

Pain Wants Our Attention

As that energy gets processed and released, we start to feel the emotions that are tied up with it.

Just by bringing our attention to it, it starts to integrate the energy that’s tied to the pain and that knot begins to loosen and unravel.

Emotions exist on a continuum.

When we allow ourselves to feel grief, shame, anger and fear it makes more room for joy, awe, and gratitude.

When we feel a greater depth of joy, awe and gratitude we will start to think more often from that place.

Our self-talk starts to reflect our soul’s wisdom.

Our Soul’s Wisdom

When we make this transition in life, not only are we healing pain, we become more aware of our soul’s gifts and as a result, we start to share those gifts with others.

This will help us to answer those questions of why are we here, and what are we supposed to accomplish here.

It’s very likely that pain will go away.

Even if it doesn’t, the level of satisfaction that you’ll feel because of living your purpose will be forced to the foreground and the pain will fall to the background.

Pain Is A Portal

The mainstream world would have us believe that pain is a barrier, something we need to get rid of or go around in order to move forward in life.

But pain is, in fact, a doorway.

Going through the portal of pain takes us to a place in ourselves where we become aware of our gifts and are compelled to share them with the world.

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Healing Pain: Physical, Emotional And Spiritual

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