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Learn To See Crises As Self Improvement Challenges Instead

Overcoming Challenges In Life

self improvement challenges

Crises, challenges, hard times, whatever you want to call them, are inevitable.

They will naturally appear at different points along our healing journey, and are actually necessary for our spiritual evolution.

It really is all in how we see it, though.

If we can see crises as self improvement challenges, we can use them to create huge leaps in our growth instead of taking them personally and letting them overwhelm us.

In this post we’ll talk about how to turn crises into self improvement challenges so we can turn stress into fuel for our growth and development as human beings.

A Crisis, Or A Turning Point In Life?

The word crisis doesn’t have the most positive of connotations.

When we think of crisis we think of things in life falling apart, and the pain, injury, or emotional distress that comes along with it.

But the crises we encounter in life are more important than we know.

The word itself comes from a Greek word meaning turning point.

If we can see them from a more expanded perspective, crises are opportunities to be smashed by life or reach a whole new level of existence.

We may look at a crisis and ask ourselves why this is happening to us, taking them personally.

But life is not against us.

We are caught up in the expansion and contractin of the universe and crises happen when the universe is contracting.

Expansion And Contraction Examples

The Seasons

The universe is in a constantly expanding and contracting.

You can see it on a grand scale with things like the tide and the changing of seasons.

Expansion starts with Spring as leaves emerge from buds and flowers poke through the ground, and continues to grow with Summer.

But then Autumn comes around and things start to contract.

Winter signals the fullness of contractions and the cycle is complete.

The Tide

The tides change from morning to night, expanding to cover more ground and then receding.

This shows the cyclic nature of everything.

Seven Year Cycles Of Life

astrological chart cycles in life and self improvement challenges

One of the ways we can experience how things occur in cycles is by observing our physical, psychological and spiritual development.

Birth is a type of crisis.

Then there is a special window of development that happens between birth and age seven.

This is the window in which we are relating to the world more through direct sense experience than through thought.

Another crisis occurs as we move from childhood to adolesence.

From seven to fourteen we experience puberty and adolesence and everthing that comes with it.

Once again, we experience a type of crisis as we move from adolescence to young adults.

From fourteen to twenty-one, from twenty-one to twenty-eight, from twenty-eight to thirty-five and so on.

These life cycles occur approximately every seven years through our taking on the responsibility of a family, facing our kids growing through their cycles, mid-life crisis, retirement, and eventually the final stages of life.

They say that every cell in your body is completely new every seven years.

None of this is personal.

It is the way the Universe prepares us to grow and move forward on our spiritual path.

Self Improvement Challenges

Here’s a video I made on the subject:

Or if you’re more into podcasts the BioSoul Integration Podcast and this episode can be found where ever you listen to your podcasts.

Change always brings about conflicted emotions.

The more drastic the change, the greater the opportunity for self improvement.

We have the option of viewing these times as troublesome.

We can become overwhelmed and allow them to beat us down and crush our bodies and spirits.

This isn’t the only choice.

We can see these crises for what they are – turning points.

We can approach them with the understanding that they are meant to help guide us toward a better, higher existence.

This does not mean you must always stay positive.

There will be times when you are in an expansive state and will be happy.

You will feel unencumbered and ready to face anything.

Then you will face a period where it seems nothing is panning out.

You will experience sadness and loss and feel scared.

The important thing to do is to understand that this is just the normal way of the universe operates, for humans, the environment, the solar system, and beyond.

Whatever cycle you are in will pass and reverse itself.

Learning how to work with these cycles and not fight them will make all the difference in how you will come out on the other side of the self growth challenges that occur.

Weather The Storm With Presence

holding with presence

Overcoming challenges in life can be made easier if we take the time to recognize what is happening and approach these situations from an understanding that self growth challenges are meant to help us become our best selves and prepare us for our next stage of evolution.

Adjusting your mindset is the greatest tool you have in this regard.

The difference on whether you are crushed by them or grow from crisis boils down to presence.

You first need to take note of the physical sensations that are occurring in your body.

When life or your body feels tight, see the sensations as a massage.

Just as a physical massage helps gently work out the pain and tightness in the muscle, the sensations you feel during a crisis are gently squeezing out the psychological and spiritual blocks and opening you up to new growth.

Next, view the self growth challenges from a place of love and kindness.

Recognize that you aren’t being signaled out by the Universe for tragedy but are instead being given the opportunity for growth.

Every turning point in life gets you closer to where your soul wants you to be.

As always, let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the comment section below.

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I look forward to helping you express more life,

Dr. Jay

Learn To See Crises As Self Improvement Challenges Instead

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