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Thanks To Network Chiropractic, Boulder Musician Experiences Less Stress & Less Anxiety

Length of time in care:

16 years

What brought you to the BioSoul Integration Center?

Knowing we all have places in us that need healing, I came to the BioSoul Integration Center with the desire to experience more harmony and well being on a consistent basis, to release old wounds and in the process discover the gifts and healing medicine in those wounds. Coming to the BIC regularly is being committed to my healing and transformation.

What results have you experienced?

Network care is a very important part of my life. When I am consistent with receiving care every week I feel so much more present and resourceful in my life and it makes a huge difference. I am happier, less stressed, less anxious and more motivated to maintain a positive, healthy lifestyle-physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. People notice and keep complimenting me on the changes they see in me-I know Network is a big part of my personal transformation.

Why do you continue to receive care?

It feels good to take good care of myself 🙂 I see the difference when I receive care regularly and so do my friends. I also find tremendous value in going to Network programs like the Transformational Gates, the AWE program, Healing in Paradise and Ultimatum-powerful programs, tremendous opportunities to do deep work and emerge transformed. I have learned it is vital to make the most it by coming home and maintaining care with Dr. Dan and Dr. Jay, to keep integrating. One of the best things I did for myself at the beginning of 2009 was to commit in advance for my care for the year, highly recommend it.

What experiences do you enjoy most at the BioSoul Integration Center?

I really appreciate Dr. Jay and Dr. Dan of course! They are very skilled and take good care of me. Both of them have been very instrumental in helping me navigate some challenging events in my life for which I am immensely grateful. It is always good for me to hear Dr. Jay say, “There is nothing you need to do, just breathe in to your heart and meet it with compassion…” I love feeling taller after an entrainment and the expansion of breath moving freely up and down the body. I love experiencing the peace and presence I feel after care. Guess I will keep coming back 🙂

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

I've been supporting people through the ups and downs of their healing journeys for almost two decades now, mostly delivering BioSoul Integration from my office in Louisville, Colorado. However, it's possible to receive BioSoul Integration at a distance, as well. Those who seem to be most drawn to my work tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to consciously do the work of leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings. Discovering our soul's gifts, embodying them and then serving others with them is where true life satisfaction lies. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration can help speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by our innocent and unconscious resistance. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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