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Ultimate Energy Healing Guide: The 3 Crucial Components Of Effective Energy Healing Therapies

Discovering our soul’s gifts, embodying them, and then serving others with them is where true life satisfaction lies. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway.

– Dr. Jay

What is Energy Healing?

everything you ever wanted to know about energy healing

Energy healing, according to the NCI Dictionary, is a form of alternative and complementary medicine that makes use of vital energy that flows through the human body.

Sometimes also referred to as energy therapy, energy medicine, vibrational healing, bio-energetic healing or soul healing, energy healing aims to balance energy flow, reduce stress and anxiety, and promote well-being.

Energy healing is born out of a tradition that has been used throughout history to affect physical, emotional and spiritual healing.

There are three outcomes that effective energy healing therapies produce in the bodies and lives of people who use them.

In this article you will learn about:

  • How everything physical is more energy than we tend to think
  • The human energy body
  • Some famous energy healers both local and world wide
  • Useful books on energy healing and the energy body
  • Well known energy healing techniques
  • What energy healing is good for
  • And, finally, the 3 key components that effective energy healing therapies all have

To begin with let’s define energy as it’s related to our bodies.

What is Life Force Energy?

Energy is the foundation of all physical matter that exists in our world

There’s an old book that I read called The Dancing Wu Li Masters that does a great job of explaining quantum physics to the layman.

We generally think of solid matter as…. well, solid.

But there’s a useful analogy in in The Dancing Wu Li Masters that goes something like this:

If you take an atom, the most basic unit of any so-called solid object, and blow it up to the size of a baseball stadium, the nucleus on the pitcher’s mound would be the size of a grain of salt and the electrons that swirl around the nucleus would be specks of dust circling at the distance of the cheap seats.

Apparently there’s a lot of space inherent in the stuff that our experience tells us is solid matter.

That space can be called energy.

We Experience Energy In Our Day To Day Lives

It is a fact that in our day to day lives we use energy in various forms.

We make cell phone calls from one side of the planet to the other, for example.

Our computers and smart phones are not attached to anything and yet they pull information out of the air and congeal it into all sorts of useful forms on our screens.

With that in mind, I am surprised that people still tend to think that the idea of energy existing in and around our bodies is still a woo-woo topic.

Forming Of The Human Energy Body

From a mechanistic point of view, the body creates the energetic fields that surround it.

But it’s actually the other way around: first the energetic fields appear, which contain instructions to build and maintain the body.

Energy is the medium through which our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual selves are manifested.

At conception the uniting of sperm and ovum in the womb opens a window into our reality into which an energetic matrix is inserted.

This energetic matrix is informed, on the biological side, from DNA and, on the spiritual side, from our soul’s essence.

This energetic lattice, or energy body, stays with us for a lifetime, it grows and develops in us until the day we die.

Life Force Energy

Learn more about how energy shows up in the body by watching this video I made on life force energy:

Or if you prefer to read, here’s an in-depth blog post on the subject.

This energy in our bodies goes by many names.

According to some ancient cultures from the other parts of the world, energy is also called chi, prana, as well as, life force energy.

To some life force energy is seen as this esoteric and amorphous thing.

After all, it can’t be seen… by most people that is.

But the truth is that it can be measured by science–so there’s no doubt that life force energy and the human energy body is a real thing.

Besides the effects of its movement or lack of movement can be seen and measured.

When our system goes into defense as the result of some hurt or trauma or accident, there’s a kink that gets formed in the energy body, and a stagnation of life force energy in the body.

That bound up life force energy might manifest as back pain or organ systems that aren’t working like we’d like them to or emotional issues.

If the movement of life force energy is restored then the reorganizing force is turned back on and then the body begins to heal itself, as well.

Effective Energy Healing Therapies Accomplish 3 Things

biosoul integration catalyst formula

People often ask, “What is energy healing good for?”

They want to heal from conditions like diabetes, back pain, knee problems, high blood pressure, organs system that aren’t working the way we’d like them to or emotional issues.

Energy healing can help pepole with those things, however, it’s going to necessarily mean that their life is going to have to change, too.

Energy healing is good for getting rid of symptoms to the extent that people are willing to really get involved in the process and really be open to changing their bodies and lives and growing spiritually.

Healing is about becoming whole and becoming whole necessarily includes all of the parts of you, not just the physical parts, but the mental, emotional and spiritual parts, as well.

The becoming whole process consists of 3 different modes of healing that show up people’s bodies and their lives.

In order for healing (the return to wholeness) to be complete, a person must cycle through all three modes.

The journey from separation to whole is complete when we are aware of our gifts and are serving our fellow humans with them.

If you want to learn more about these three crucial steps in the healing journey check out a blog post I wrote about it, entitled The 3 Tiers Of Embodied Spiritual Healing.

Also here’s a video I made on the subject:

1. Clear… Bound Up Energy And Tension

The modus operandi that we’ve picked up from the outside world, starting when we develop in the womb, is that the best way to handle anything that is uncomfortable or painful is to disconnect from it.

Because of this we expend a massive amount of energy trying to wall parts of ourselves off and keep them unconscious.

There’s this habitual, conditioned vigilance that gets stored in the system that constantly has us pushing parts of ourselves away that have been deemed unsafe.

The first step is to bring safety to the system so that that that habitual, conditioned vigilance can start to soften.

When this happens the body learns that if it can connect with the problem, then it can do something about it.

Breath is the first tool that the body starts to use to connect and release tension.

This step of clearing bound up energy and tension in the system is common in a lot of energy healing techniques.

Getting Stuck In Step 1

That’s a good and useful strategy for sure but it’s not the end of the healing process.

Unfortunately this is where mediocre energy healing techniques stop.

If we stop here we are trapped in a cycle of connecting with the same energy and releasing it over and over.

There is a more refined strategy possible, which is merging with the energy that as previously deemed unsafe.

2. Include… Our Repressed Shadow Parts

man and woman standing with energy body overlapping

Once there’s enough safety in the system, parts of ourselves that have been repressed, our shadow, get the sense that there’s room for them to start to come into consciousness and sequence themselves through.

As opposed to clearing the tension involved with these parts of ourselves we start to integrate them and fold them into the whole of our being.

We start to let ourselves be influenced by the emotions that are involved.

Often these are “darker” emotions like grief or anger or fear.

But felt through the lens of the heart they are integrated and their wisdom is extracted.

We are influenced by them and they prompt us to see our more authentic selves and we tend to make decisions from the standpoint of a greater connection to our more authentic selves.

Shadow work is a term that typifies what happens during this stage of the healing process.

If you want to learn more, check out the blog post I wrote about shadow work entitled 3 Steps To Integrating Your Shadow Self.

The result is greater acceptance and embodiment of important aspects of our being that we’ve been pushing away.

Getting Stuck In Step 2

However, if we stop here we are trapped in an addiction to transforming.

The conscious manifesting movement or law of attraction movement is an example of getting stuck in step 2.

3. Transcend… The Old Pattern All Together

The third stage is more about expansion and universal spiritual truth coming into contact with that.

Everybody loves expansion, but not as much the other two stages of the healing journey that I just mentioned.

I’ve noticed that most energy healers tend to focus on either the first stage, clearing and dissipating or the third, universal connection and non-dual states of awareness.

Healing is really about being able to share one’s gifts on the planet.

Healing means wholeness and a good sign that this wholeness is present is that we are embodying our gifts and feel compelled to serve others with them.

Getting Stuck In Step 3

If we get stuck in that expansive state we won’t relate to other humans and our own humanness very well and we won’t end up expressing our gifts on the physical plane.

We’re susceptible to spiritual bypass.

The journey from separation to whole is complete when we are aware of our gifts and are serving our fellow humans with them.

List Of Popular Energy Healing Techniques

cartoon of chinese acupuncturist and woman receiving acupuncture

Should I Go See An Energy Healer?

If you are experiencing some physical problem or an emotional problem or an illness or if you’re interested in spiritual growth and spiritual healing, I wouldn’t hesitate to try energy healing.

You’re certainly not going to hurt yourself.

That being said you’ll want to interview a practitioner and trust your instincts regarding them.

If it doesn’t feel right or the practitioner doesn’t match with your values then it’s not a good fit.

Do Some Research

Here’s a YouTube video I made on the subject of energy healing:

If you prefer to listen to podcasts, listen below or find the BioSoul Integration Podcast on all the major podcasting platforms.

Read Some Energy Healing Books By Well-known Energy Healers

Barbara Brennan

Barbara Brennan is a pioneer in teaching about the energy body.

She’s authored two great books: Hands of Light and Light Emerging.

Her books are beautifully illustrated with color pictures and diagrams of the different layers of the human energy body.

Cyndi Dale

I would also recommend a book called The Subtle Body: An Encyclopedia of Energetic Anatomy, written by Cyndi Dale.

Dale’s book outlines different culture’s versions of the energy body, from Chinese to Japanese to Tibetan to Native American.

In addition to being fun to look at, both Brennan and Dale’s books provide huge amounts of information regarding the human energy body.

Donald Epstein And Network Chiropractic

My work, BioSoul Integration, is a system of energy healing that is born from another powerful technique known as Network Spinal Analysis.

Here’s an article I wrote on the history and mechanics of Network Spinal Analysis and the way in which it became the foundation for my work.

Network Spinal Analysis, or Network Chiropractic, was invented and developed by a man named Donald Epstein who has written two important books on the subject, Healing Myths, Healing Magic and The 12 Stages Of Healing.

Epstein’s model for the energy body includes energetic fields that he calls “intelligences.”

These intelligences, or fields, contain the information that inform the creation and maintenance of our physical, mental/emotional and spiritual bodies.

According to Epstein the intelligences that surround and interpenetrate the human body include:

  • Lifeforce
  • Emotional
  • Mental
  • Personal Soul
  • And, Global Soul

Energy Healing Increasingly Popular With Celebrities

a woman's dynamic response while receiving energy work
Inset Photo: Julianne Hough receiving energy healing session at World Economic Forum

Energy healing is becoming more and more popular amongst celebrities.

There was an event that created a buzz in the media that hits close to home for me because it involved someone in the healing community that I’ve been a part of for many years.

A video from the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland was released showing Julianne Hough, actress and dancer, doing a demonstration of an energetic healing technique with John Amaral, long time Network Chiropractor and energy healer.

Her dynamic response to the session prompted the media to use words like “exorcism” and “bizarre” to describe what they saw.

All this led up the the release of an episode dedicated to this healing work on Gwyneth Paltrow’s new Netflix series, The Goop Lab, featuring John Amaral, Hough, Gwyneth Paltrow and her friends.

If you haven’t already seen it, it’s Episode #5: The Energy Experience.

And here’s a video where I lend my expert opinion to Julianne Hough’s “exorcism” and to the Goop Lab Episode.

Network Care is amongst the most powerful sources of personal transformation I have ever experienced or seen. They produce embodied and empowered strategies that are both sustainable and enjoyable for enhanced human resourcefulness and wellness. I am stronger, more inspired, creative and healthy because of this work. It has personally and professionally helped me to maximize my ability to contribute to others.

Anthony Robbins, Peer Performance Coach & Best-selling Author

Reasonable Expectations

Keep in mind that you need to give yourself time to heal after an energy healing session.

The energy field can change very quickly but the other parts of you that are connected to your energy system, your physical body, your identity, your belief systems, your awareness level, the degree to which you’re participating in life, that takes time to change.

More participation would mean you are going to have to feel more and your life will have to change.

Your symptoms are related to the stories you are telling yourself and the ways you’re interacting with yourself and the world–who you believe you are.

Keep an open mind because healing often unfolds in this perfect way that tends to involve and includes the whole of everything.

What You Can Do On Your Own To Heal Yourself

When people come into my office for help with back pain or headaches or emotional issues I often forget about the basics.

I might work with those people for months before finding out that they drink a lot of caffeine or their diet is crappy or they don’t drink enough water or exercise… you know the basics.

In many cases symptoms will go away if we just start doing the basics.

On top of that is supplementation.

Getting enough Vit. A and D And C are super important.

Then there’s all of the alternative remedies and things that people can do to support a healthy energy system.

Epsom salt baths, essential oils, flower essences, smudging, meditation, work with crystals, and the list goes on and on.

Always remember, your energy system is going to entrain to the environment you are in.

These are just some of the basic things you can do as far as your energy healing is concerned.

BioSoul Integration

Through BioSoul Integration my mission is to help individuals create an ever-deepening connection to their bodies, their lives and their World; to help those who have felt the strong calling to embody their Soul’s purpose and to give their unique gifts on this planet.

People from Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Broomfield and Westminster come to my office in Louisville, CO to receive hands-on BioSoul Integration.

If you’re curious if you’d be a good candidate to receive BioSoul Integration, click the link to receive a personalized energy healing guide.

Please leave any comments or questions in the comment section below.

I look forward to helping you express more life,

Dr. Jay

Ultimate Energy Healing Guide: The 3 Crucial Components Of Effective Energy Healing Therapies

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

I've been supporting people through the ups and downs of their healing journeys for almost two decades now, mostly delivering BioSoul Integration from my office in Louisville, Colorado. However, it's possible to receive BioSoul Integration at a distance, as well. Those who seem to be most drawn to my work tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to consciously do the work of leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings. Discovering our soul's gifts, embodying them and then serving others with them is where true life satisfaction lies. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration can help speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by our innocent and unconscious resistance. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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