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Law Of Entrainment: The Force That Life Uses To Drive Us Toward Healing

Healing Is A Return To Body/Mind Wholeness

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The driving force behind our spiritual healing, the law of entrainent, is a force inherent to life that expands and contracts, that mashes and pulls apart, that kneads and massages time, space, matter and consciousness, constantly breaking down, combining and reorganizing what already exists to create something new.

As humans we are caught up in this cosmic machine.

Through it Life is breaking down our bodies and being and building us up anew, driving our spiritual healing.

Just like kneading together and pulling apart two different colored pieces of play dough, the previously separated molecules of dough become homogenized.

By way of the constant breaking down and building up we are becoming homogenized with the universe so that more and more of the whole is reflected in each part of us.

The Law Of Entrainment: Mechanism Behind Our Return To Wholeness

One of the main mechanisms that motivates the healing of our body, mind and spirit is something called entrainment.

Now, the term entrainment is not a widely recognized one, none the less, it has a huge impact on our health, our well-being and our evolution as human beings.

The term entrainment was coined by noted physicist, Christian Huygens, in 1666 when he noticed that a pair of pendulum clocks, left to their own devices, would eventually synchronize to each other.

postage stamp image of Christian Huygens, developed concept of entrainment that drives ours spiritual healing
Christian Huygens

Only recently have scientists begun to understand the principles responsible for this phenomenon: a condition inherent to nature that motivated the subtle exchange of vibrational information between the pendulums, such that the pendulums “communicated” with each other until they found a harmonious and energy efficient rhythm together.

If you set multiple metronomes on a movable platform, it’s possible to demonstrate and visualize the force of entrainment and see how it’s compelling the metronomes, seemingly separate objects, to come into a harmonious relationship with the whole system of metronomes.

Since Huygens’ time, the Principles of Entrainment have been found to apply to any system in which vibrating, oscillating or rhythmic cycles are present.

And since the basic building blocks of everything in the universe (subatomic particles) are themselves vibrating and oscillating systems, the principles of entrainment have been found to be universal, like gravity.

Examples Of Entrainment And Social Interaction In Nature

Of course, all living beings are full of oscillating and vibrating cycles and so are constantly exchanging information through entrainment.

Consequently, examples of entrainment can be readily found in nature.

Schooling Fish

schooling fish, motivated by primal brain instinct

After my wife and I got married in 2013 we took a trip to Costa Rica for our honeymoon.

While there, we went snorkeling.

We saw thousands of shimmering fish in tightly packed schools, swirling and darting about in total unison.

How do they do this?

The answer lies in the fact that the primitive brain of each fish is hooked into the collective energetic field of the school.

When they are close to each other the energetic part of their primitive brains overlap, allowing them to directly and instantly share the information that lets them move together in such a beautifully, synchronized way, allowing them to essentially move as one fish.

Murmuration Of Starlings

murmuration of starlings illustrating how their primal brains are entraining together

Another example of entraining primitive brains can be seen in what’s called a “murmuration” of starlings.

Every year in the fall, thousands upon thousands of starlings show up in the trees on our property, making a horrendous noise.

Sometimes they can be seen flying about in large groups, swirling and twisting in unison in midair, undulating and folding back on themselves like a black ribbon in the sky.

Again, the survival instincts that were downloaded through their survival brains compel them to stay close to one another.

Like the schooling fish, there is a feedback loop between the survival brain of each starling and the collective survival brain of the flock which informs their mesmerizing symphony of movement.

Life Uses Social Interaction And Entrainment To Catalyze Our Healing And Evolution

It just so happens that humans are replete with vibrating, oscillating and rhythmic cycles.

Entrainment is also the driving force behind our social interaction, which is a key component of our spiritual healing.

We’re interacting and exchanging information at the subtlest of levels internally, between the cells systems and organs of our bodies.

And we’re also interacting and exchanging information at the subtlest levels externally, between each other when we interact.

This exchange of information is nudging us toward greater health, greater wholeness and grater conscious awareness.

It’s through entrainment that we adopt unproductive relationships with parts of ourselves, programs that get installed starting when we’re in the womb.

The Role Of The Primal Brain

Maybe two to four weeks after conception a sensitive part of our early nervous system develops, which I like to call the Primal Brain.

This is the same part of the nervous system that prompts fish to school or starlings to form a murmuration.

This early nervous system is concerned with survival.

Since we rely on the people around us for our survival this early part of our nervous system is adept at sensing into the subtle energetic cues that it gets from the people around us.

And through entrainment we adopt what they are modeling for us.

Essentially we tune ourselves like they’ve tuned themselves, like you might tune two or more musical instruments to match each other.

No doubt we pick up some of their finer points, but we also pick up on the unhealthy ways that they’re judging parts of themselves and pushing parts of themselves away.

Trauma Becomes Fuel For Our Healing

We could look at these survival patterns as unfortunate, as the main stream world does mostly, something that needs to be fixed or made to go away.

However, through Life’s perfect design, it’s the integrating of these “problems” later on that results in our healing.

These traumas create the fuel that we’ll need in order to become who we were meant to be.

The fuel created by these traumas becomes the internal resource that we need to accomplish what we came here to accomplish.

In this way, energy that has been stored in our systems as a result of trauma could be viewed as potential energy–energy poised to do work.

This means that the more trauma we’ve experienced, the greater the potential for spiritual healing, if that energy bound up as a result of those traumas can be digested.

The key to making that transition from trauma to service to others requires that that trauma is seen and felt through massive love.

This love must be modeled for us first so that eventually we have the capacity to consciously see and feel our own hurts and traumas and accidents through the lens of our heart.

This is the foundation for many forms of transformation body work out there.

It’s certainly the foundation for the work that I do at the BioSoul Integration Center.

HeartMath Institute Research Demonstrates The Role Of The Heart In Healing Body, Mind And Spirit

fields generated by heart, heartmath institute, spiritual healing
Image Courtesy Of The HeartMath Institute

The effect of connecting with the heart is not some feel-good sentiment, there is actually scientific research that demonstrates this.

A research and educational organization from California known as the Institute of HeartMath, has identified a special physio-emotional state that humans can fall into when the various oscillating systems in the body become entrained by the rhythm of the heart.

The Heart-Entrained State Is Key

In this state, according to their research, the body’s systems function with great efficiency and harmony and the body’s natural healing capacities are activated and amplified, which results in a number of positive changes in health, wellness and consciousness, such as, and I quote: “reduced stress, anxiety and depression; decreased burnout and fatigue; enhanced immunity and hormonal balance; improved cognitive performance and enhanced learning; increased organizational effectiveness; and health improvements in a number of clinical populations.”

This Heart-Entrained State Can Be Spread From One Person To Another

man and woman standing close together with their energetic fields overlapping, entrainment, spiritual healing

Furthermore, what the Institute of HeartMath has discovered is that the heart rhythm of a person in this special state can be detected in the nervous system of another person when the two people are either near each other or touching.

This means that this special, heart-entrained state and its benefits can be transferred directly from one person to another through touch, like through healing modalities such as the work I’m doing at the BioSoul Intgration Center, or close proximity, through the interaction of their overlapping bio-energetic fields.

The Heart-Entrained State Can Be Spread Through The Field

woman and a man receiving biosoul integration session in Louisville, CO, receiving an entrainment, law of entrainment

Finally, another IHM study provides evidence of the existence of a group entrainment field. 

This study revealed that “individuals in a physiologically coherent state become more sensitive to the subtle electromagnetic information encoded in the heart signals of others around them.”

These findings have led the IHM to conclude that “the heart’s field is an important carrier of information.”

Entraining to the information in that heart field can have a powerful impact on our own health, wellness and consciousness.

Every Experience Is Designed To Catalyze Spiritual Evolution

The Tao never does anything, yet through it all things are done. If powerful men and women could center themselves in it, the whole world would be transformed by itself, in its natural rhythms.

Lao Tzu

As the HeartMath Institute pointed out in their research, the entrainment mechanism is at work on the microscopic scale, between the atoms that make up the molecules that make up everything in the material world, including the cells in your body.

As we talked about entrainment applies on the macroscopic scale, as well, between you and the people in your life, between all living things and the Planet we live on, between the Planets and the Sun, so on and so forth.

Entrainment applies to the non-material world, as well, on the level of energy and consciousness and time.

The truth is that everything in the Universe is being compelled to connect and come into relationship with everything else through entrainment.

The entrainment mechanism, therefore, is universal, like gravity.

How The Law Of Entrainment Effects Our Consciousness

Rain on a pond

We are constantly being driven forward to something new such that there is no going back to our old selves.

The things that happen to us are not mistake.

To illustrate this concept I’ll use the idea of raindrops falling on a pond.

Let’s say that Life is a pristine, glass still pond.

glassy pond spiritual healing

As we are conceived, as we arrive here on Earth, it’s like a drop of rain hitting the pond.

Our arrival creates waves of influence that spread out into Life.

drop in a pond representing our conception and waves of influence spiritual healing

Our waves of influence will eventually run into the waves of influence creates by others.

multiple drops of water representing criss cross of waves of influence spiritual healing

As our waves of influence reach others, it changes them and their waves of influence change us.

Those changed waves interact with other changed waves and both are changed again.

combining waves of influence spiritual healing

Every time a wave interacts with another wave, it changes both waves.

Eventually all the waves have interacted and influenced each other.

At this point they all share a common connection by way of all the interactions and changes that they have experienced, are experiencing and will experience together.

connection of all waves of influence on an ocean spiritual healing

And so the waves exist as individual waves, but on another level they also exist as a continuous whole.

As each moment brings another change in one part of the pond, each moment simultaneously brings a change to the whole pond.

The waves exist together as an ever evolving whole.

The Direct Experience Of Oneness

In this same way each of us is connected to every moment, every event and every person that has ever lived or will ever live.

As our individual waves of influence interact and combine with the waves of influence of the countless other humans on the planet, our individual and collective lives gets more complex on one hand because of the exponential increase in the number of connections and variety of relationships, but on the other hand there’s a greater level of overall harmony when you look a the big picture because of our combined waves of influence each of us becomes more connected to the whole.

So there’s a force that’s applying constant pressure, compelling things to come into relationship with each other and simultaneously with the larger whole.

Life is constantly creating more complexity and greater connection in this way to create new stuff.

If you can embody this concept and are able to see life through this lens it changes everything.

It changes, for instance, the trials and tribulations you’ve experienced in life and the symptoms you may be experiencing now.

These challenges take on a whole new meaning and it opens up a whole new window of opportunity for healing.

Symptoms And Life Challenges Are Healing Gateways

From a certain perspective the problems we face in our bodies and lives have a lot to do with the unconscious, conditioned way in which we’ve fragmented ourselves.

This insistence on creating separation in ourselves has the effect of separating us from the flow of life, like we’re stubbornly standing still in the strong current of a river, or in some cases, trying to walk upstream.

It requires an enormous amount of energy and resources to maintain separation in ourselves; energy and resources we don’t get to use for recovering from injuries, adapting to stress and our environment, healing, loving and serving our fellow humans.

In the same way that a river would put pressure on your body if you were standing in it, urging you to go downstream, so life’s trials and tribulations and the symptoms we are experiencing put pressure on us to turn and go WITH the flow of life.

This is the idea behind important healing concepts like shadow work and the pain body, both concepts that I’ve written about.

From this perspective, nothing is a mistake or a coincidence, not the experiences we’ve had in our lives, not the accidents and the injuries, not the pain or disease, not the symptoms we’re experiencing now.

They all serve a purpose, that of us guiding us toward our wholeness.

One Of The Major Markers Of Our Evolution Is A Trust In Life

Life is not happening to you, it’s happening for you.

Tony Robbins

If we’re able to look at life through this lens, then the only thing that makes sense is to trust our experience, uncomfortable or otherwise, and trust that life is trying to show us something through our experience.

And since all of our experiences are translated to us through our bodies, and especially through the sensations in our bodies, it’s essential, if we want to move towards greater wholeness, that we turn toward those sensations and learn to allow them to be felt and experienced.

When we bring our attention to our experience in this way, we become anchored in the present moment.

The resistance I spoke of earlier lives in our body-mind, in its addiction to past traumas or future fears.

The resistance can’t survive in the present moment, so when we’re anchored in the present moment, the conditioned, habitual resistance to the flow of life starts to lose its grip on our bodies and lives.

When the resistance softens, we’re able to allow the river of life (aka the Universal Principles of Entrainment) to sweep us in the direction of our wholeness.

If you make a regular practice of bringing your attention to your body, over time your experience will prove to you that life’s trials and tribulations and the symptoms you may be experiencing now are not a mistake, they’re a doorway to your wholeness, and ultimately Life is trying to show you that it is holding you.

Body/Mind Healing Through The Law Of Entrainment

Here’s a series of videos I made:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Or if you like podcasts:

The purpose of the work I’m doing at the BioSoul Integration Center is to create the deep safety and ease in the system that will allow our attention to naturally rest in our bodies, softening the habitual resistance.

The way that I do that is, in a way, I’m surfing the flow of life or the force wave of the Universal Principles of Entrainment myself and I’m inviting the nervous system of the person I’m working with to come along for the ride by letting their system entrain to mine.

What I do is, I simply bring as much presence to the present moment as I can by letting my attention rest in my body and including everything I find there as fully as possible.

Then I include the person I’m working with by letting my eyes rest on them.

Dr. Jay working with clients

Immediately I’m able to feel the flow of the river of chi that is shared by both my body and theirs and I can also feel where boulders of resistance have been placed in that river.

These sensations guide me to bring my hands somewhere on or over their body and when I’ve touched the right place with the right amount of force in the right direction I can feel the boulders resolve as they melt back into the river of chi.

Short Term Benefits

And it’s immediately apparent that there’s a resolution in the person I’m working with as their breath changes, they reposition themselves, tension in the system changes, there’s an emotional release, they report feeling something shift, etc…

Long Term Benefits

So that’s the short term, but long term:

  • There’s a measurable, reproducible and predictable increase in range and depth of breath
  • A decrease in the overall tension in a person’s body
  • A permanent change in their posture
  • A constructive shift in their perceptions of themselves and the World around them
  • An increased ability to adapt to stress
  • Enhanced and refined body-mind awareness
  • A heightened sensitivity to their internal rhythms and the rhythms of their environment
  • Increased range and depth of emotional expression and, the most important thing
  • A greater awareness of their gifts
  • And a greater capacity to share those gifts with others.

These long term changes have been reported in research done by Donald Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal Analysis, which is the world that my work is born of.

But I like to refer to the HeartMath Institute research that I mentioned earlier in this blog post because the language and outcomes match what I’m seeing in my work so well.

Their research shows that when a person brings their attention to their body, a special, system-wide coherent state develops in that person’s nervous system whereby the various cyclical systems in the body synchronize and entrain to each other.

Their research also reveals benefits to health, wellness and shifts in consciousness that happen as a result of residing in this state, which are very similar to what I’ve observed in the work I’m doing.

Furthermore, their research demonstrates how this coherent state and it’s benefits can be transferred directly from the nervous system of one or more people to the nervous system of another person or group of people via the information exchange between their overlapping and entraining bio-fields, whether they are touching or not, which seems to explain the mechanism behind the work that I do.

All We Need Is Love

So a little oasis is getting created here at the BioSoul Integration Center where the dominant pattern generator is one of connecting with resource in the system and reorganizing the system based on that open ended resource, love basically, as opposed to what we’re generally entraining to in the world in our daily lives which says that the best strategy for living is to create armor to separate ourselves from others and protect what we have because there’s not likely to be any more where that came from.

Ultimately I think love is the state that is fundamental to life.

Through our hearts we can entrain to that fundamental state and bring healing to our bodies, our minds and our spirit.

Feel free to leave comments and questions below.

I promise I’ll answer and respond to every one.

If you’d like some personalized information about where you are in the process, click the link to get your free, personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

I look forward to helping you express more life.

Law Of Entrainment: The Force That Life Uses To Drive Us Toward Healing

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Dr. Jay is the founder and owner of BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado. He’s a chiropractor, a hands-on healer, an in-person and online soul integration coach and the author of If It Didn't Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose. For two decades Dr. Jay has been helping people navigate their healing journeys. Over the course of that time he’s worked intimately with thousands of people. Those who are most drawn to Dr. Jay's work are those who are seeking to integrate and embody their soul's essence and their soul's gifts so they can share them with others. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration helps to speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by the innocent and unconscious resistance that lives in our primal brain and nervous system. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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