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Soul Healing: A Complete Guide To Embodying Your Soul So You Can Share Your Gifts On The Planet

You are not a physical being, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.

Wayne Dyer

What Is Soul Healing?

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In my opinion and my experience, the term soul healing is a little bit of a misnomer.

It leads one to believe that it’s the soul that’s being healed, but our souls are infinite and unlimited and perfect and they don’t need healing.

It’s mostly on the physical, mental/emotional and energetic levels that we’re fragmented and need healing.

The kind of healing we’re talking about here happens on a level that both transcends and includes the physical, psychological and energetic parts of us.

Soul healing happens when the soul’s infinite grace, love and perfection is allowed to trickle down through all of those layers and is finally anchored in the physical, resulting in the embodiment of our soul’s essence and gifts.

This embodiment will allow us to express our soul’s gifts through our physical bodies and onto this physical plane and compel us to share our gifts with our fellow humans.

In the course of doing what we love, we will naturally fulfill our soul purpose.

What Is The Human Soul?

Our soul is the part of us that is infinite, unlimited and perfect.

Simply put, our soul is the personality, characteristics and gifts that follow us around from life to life.

The Purpose Of Soul Incarnation?…

…To Experience Contrast

Our soul is complete.

There’s no polarity present in the soul.

But we need contrast to grow.

How would we know if we were awaken if we hadn’t experienced sleep?

How would we know love if we hadn’t experienced hate?

Our unlimited soul can’t grow without experiencing limitation… so we come here.

If you haven’t noticed earth is a place of great limitation and polarity.

The Soul’s Perspective Vs. the Human Perspective

many human perspectives

From the soul’s perspective we can see the whole big picture of our lives, past and future.

But as humans we forget all that.

We can’t see past our noses.

We’re like an ant walking around on top of a beautiful painting.

We can only see one little piece of the whole picture at any given time.

Essentially we’re stumbling around in the dark.

The way we learn about our world is to run into things.

Run into things enough and we start to build a more complete map of the reality of our existence.

That’s why we reincarnate so many times–it takes a long time to learn by trial and error like that when we’re essentially blind.

How To Fulfill Your Soul Purpose

Here’s a video I made on what it means to fulfill your soul’s purpose:

…or if you prefer to read here’s an in-depth blog post I created.

Each of us came here for a very specific purpose.

Our unique gifts play a part in the evolution of the planet.

The planet and everyone on it needs you to express your soul’s gifts here on earth and fulfill your soul’s purpose so that we (the planet and all the people on it) can evolve.

And that’s what soul healing is–it’s the integration of the truth of your soul’s essence and soul’s gifts into this physical body so that they can be expressed here.

The side effects are that we connect to our authentic self and our unique gifts and we feel compelled to share them.

When we’re sharing our gifts for the sake of the satisfaction it gives us, we will automatically fulfill our soul’s purpose in the process of doing what we love.

What Is Soul Energy?

At conception a window of sorts opens in the space time continuum in the womb.

That window is held open by a matrix.

The matrix is composed, on the biological end, DNA information from the planet and, on the spiritual end, by our soul’s essence or soul energy.

It is this matrix that tells developing cells to turn into heart cells or nose cells, for example.

Our DNA informs the structure.

That’s why we look like our parents.

But that structure is infused with the consciousness of our unique soul with it’s unique gifts.

That’s why it’s possible, for instance, for a child to seem so out of place in a family.

The Energetic Fields According To Donald Epstein

As we grow and develop so does the energetic matrix which eventually becomes the energetic fields that surround and interpenetrate our bodies and being.

These fields can be measured.

In our mechanistic world, science presupposes that it is our bodies that generate these fields.

The opposite is true–the fields were there first and they generated our bodies.

According to Donald Epstein, inventor of Network Spinal Analysis, the energetic fields around our bodies are as follows:

  1. Life Force Field – one to two inches off of the body
  2. Emotional Field – five to eight inches off the body, which includes the life force field
  3. Mental Field – eight to twelve inches off the body, which includes the previous two fields
  4. Soul Fields – from two feet off the body to infinity, which includes and transcends all the previous fields

All these fields surround and interpenetrate our bodies.

The soul field is the part of us that is connected to everyone and everything n the universe and contains the information associated with our soul’s essence.

What Are Soul Wounds?

torn heart representing soul wound

It’s the energetic matrix that tells cells what kind of cells to turn into.

The first structures to appear are the spinal cord, brain stem and the primitive heart and gut.

These structures along with the energetic fields associated with them comprise what I call the “primal brain.”

It is the primal brain that is “feeling out” into our environment.

It gathers information on how to do this human thing by feeling into the people around us.

No doubt we pick up on our parents’ finer points, but we also pick up on the unhealthy relationship their systems have adopted with important parts of themselves.

Unconsciously, we model our parent’s relationship with power, love, fear, anger, and all the other things that humans deal with.

We put a limit on the range and depth of emotion that we give ourselves permission to feel or not feel.

When our nervous system forms a survival program a kink is created in the field around us.

Since our bodies are taking cues from the field, a corresponding kink happens in our physical and mental/emotional bodies.

These kinks manifest as back pain, or organ systems that aren’t working, or emotional issues.

These survival patterns will affect our lives as we will unconsciously push people or situations away when they ask us to come into relationship with these parts of ourselves that we’ve pushed away, which means they end up running our lives and creating soul wounding.

There are two types of soul wounds:

  • The Primary Soul Wound
  • The Secondary Soul Wound

1. The Primary Soul Wound

warning woman carrying baby

The primary soul wound happens as soon as our nervous system starts to develop 2 to 4 weeks after conception.

As our primal brain feels into the people and the culture around us it picks up on the way that everyone is bracing against their human vulnerability and not trusting life.

We instantly adopt that same way of being out of a perceived need to fit in with the people around us and survive.

We also adopt the unhealthy relationships that have been passed down through our lineage and make them our own.

2. The Secondary Soul Wound

Secondary soul wounding happens from the time we’re born to about age 7.

During this time our primal brain is still very active.

During this time in our lives we’re not thinking the way you and I think now.

We’re still gathering information largely by feeling into our world.

During this time the primary soul wounds are reinforced by the hurts, traumas and accidents we experience.

Shadow Work

Here’s an in-depth blog post I did entitled, “3 Keys To Quickly Integrating Your Shadow Self.”

…or just watch the video if you prefer:

There exists a polarity wherein the fundamental unit of creation is a simultaneous expansion and contraction.

The universe itself is expanding and contracting and, since we are embedded in the fabric of that universe, our bodies and lives are being asked to expand and contract, too.

We tend to always lean towards expansion as expansion is generally more fun compared to contraction, which is often more uncomfortable and can be rather gritty. 

The truth is, we can only expand to the extent that we are also willing to contract.

There are a lot of techniques, modalities and medicine that people use to help them connect with that expansive state.

A man recently called me who had been on a series of Ayuasca journeys with a shaman in Peru.

He had experienced this blissful expansive state of being and he wanted help getting back there.

However, he failed to recognize the importance of how he got there.

He had to go through a lot of hard emotions and feelings and purging to get there, i.e. there was a lot of shadow material that he integrated.

That pattern is universal on every level of healing.

If we insist on always trying to get to an expanded state, it will cause problems on every level of our body and being.

As soul energy trickles down through a person’s consciousness, they will be required to come into relationship with their shadow side.

Soul Healing Techniques and Therapies

Dr. Jay performing bioSoul integration

It’s More About The Practitioner

With all kinds of healing modalities available today, you will have plenty of good options to choose from.

The truth is that it’s not so much the technique that makes it soul healing but the tone set by the practitioner.

Does a practitioner appear to have embodied their soul’s essence and their soul’s gifts?

Do they appear to be giving their soul’s gifts?

How would you know?

There are a couple of tell tale signs: They’re passionate about what they do and they have access to compassion.

Our soul uses emotion to tell us which way to go in life.

If we don’t have access to emotion then we can feel lost and without direction.

This is why a practitioner must be passionate about they’re work.

And, of course, the soul’s love will come through in their capacity for compassion.

These are good indicators that a practitioner, or anyone for that matter, is soul-led.

Techniques That Lend Themselves To Soul Healing

So any technique could facilitate this level of healing, however there are some that are inherently oriented in that direction.

Shamanic Work and Soul Retrieval

Shamanism involves a practitioner interacting with the spirit world through altered states of consciousness, such as trance, for the purpose of healing.

One of the specific techniques a shaman employs is soul retrieval in which the shaman helps a person reintegrate lost soul fragments into the body.

Network Spinal Analysis

Developed by Donny Epstein, NSA is an evidenced-based approach to wellness and body awareness in which gentle, precise spinal contacts cue the brain to create new wellness promoting strategies.

BioSoul Integration

My work is a body-centered, energy healing technique that facilitates deep, embodied spiritual healing and soul integration.

Here’s a video I made on the subject at hand:

Or find the BioSoul Integration Podcast where ever you do your podcast listening:

How To Recognize Your Soul’s Calling

Some key things to ask yourself to let you know that you’re connected to your soul:

  • Do you have a sense of what excites you?
  • Do you have a sense of what lights you up?
  • Do you have a sense of what’s calling you?
  • Are your motivates born out of a “should” that you’ve adopted?

When we’re aware of what lights us up, that’s our soul beckoning us in a certain direction.

The more we follow that calling the more we become aware of the fact that we’re not of this world.

And paradoxically the more we are in the world as we become increasingly aware of our gifts and compelled to serve others with them–living our purpose here on planet earth.

To quote Wayne Dyer: “You are not a physical being, you are a spiritual being having a physical experience.”

Assuming that he was right, we must connect with our soul, our soul’s gifts, and our soul’s essence in order to achieve soul healing.

I’ve created this BioSoul Integration Guide.

Click the link, answer one question and receive a personalized BioSoul Integration Guide so you can see exactly where you are on the path.

I look forward to helping you express more life.



Soul Healing: A Complete Guide To Embodying Your Soul So You Can Share Your Gifts On The Planet

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

Dr. Jay is the founder and owner of BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado. He’s a chiropractor, a hands-on healer, an in-person and online soul integration coach and the author of If It Didn't Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose. For two decades Dr. Jay has been helping people navigate their healing journeys. Over the course of that time he’s worked intimately with thousands of people. Those who are most drawn to Dr. Jay's work are those who are seeking to integrate and embody their soul's essence and their soul's gifts so they can share them with others. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration helps to speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by the innocent and unconscious resistance that lives in our primal brain and nervous system. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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