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Westminster Woman Says Energy Healing Is About Self-Empowerment And Self-Healing

Practice Member Of The Month: Annette

Length of time in care: 12 years

What brought you to the BioSoul Integration Center?

A dear friend of mine, who had been a member, prior to moving to California, via Christine ?? (a network doctor now living in Santa Fe) recommended I give it a try to help integrate and assimilate my spiritual practice with my physical beingness.

I had been doing (and still do do) a lot of massage, and for sometime had been receiving cranial sacral treatments. So, “body work” as a way to open more to the Divine in me and others was natural.

However, I remember my first time here (at the old place) thinking to myself “Geez, there’s three other people in the room being worked on, how will the practitioner be able to be present to my conditions?” Little did I know….

What results have you experienced?

More centeredness, groundedness, and awareness. Feeling more open-hearted and receptive. Less and less pain in my sacrum and neck area. A deeper understanding of the internal connections to my mental beingness; all of the 87 aspects of Annette and where they live in my body, and what triggers them, and how to acknowledge them with compassion.

Why do you continue to receive care?

I am constantly amazed how after every session I feel more open, more connected more receptive to the abundance in the World. Understanding that I am (and we are all) a spiritual being living a physical life, it is important to me (especially the older I get) that the practices I “do” physically integrate easily with my spiritual life. BioSoul Integration definitely does this!

There is something remarkable about receiving care in an environment where many clients are approaching their well beingness, their health at the same time I am. The energy and synergy created is palpable.

What experiences do we enjoy most at the BioSoul Integration Center?

I have mentioned some of these experiences above. I will end with sharing that one of the subtle yet powerful experiences I enjoy most is an environment that is all about self-empowerment and self-healing.

Thank you BioSoul Integration Center for creating and nurturing a space where this can happen.

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

I've been supporting people through the ups and downs of their healing journeys for almost two decades now, mostly delivering BioSoul Integration from my office in Louisville, Colorado. However, it's possible to receive BioSoul Integration at a distance, as well. Those who seem to be most drawn to my work tend to be those who have felt the strong calling to consciously do the work of leaning into their growth and evolution as human beings. Discovering our soul's gifts, embodying them and then serving others with them is where true life satisfaction lies. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration can help speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by our innocent and unconscious resistance. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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