what is network spinal analysis

What Is Network Spinal Analysis? Interview With Amanda Love, Network Chiropractor In Boulder, CO

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Network Spinal Analysis Is A Unique Healing Tool

what is network spinal analysis

The foundation for my work (BioSoul Integration) is a gentle form of care that was born out of the chiropractic world known as Network Spinal Analysis.

Network Chiropactic is kind of the odd man out as far as chiropractic techniques go.

It doesn’t look anything like conventional chiropractic.

When I say chiropractic you might picture a small room with a strange table, being adjusted vigorously with audible pops and cracks coming from your spine.

Network is usually performed in an open room with mutliple people being worked on at the same time.

There is generally no popping or cracking involved.

The practitioner is taking gentle contacts on or around the person’s body.

People are postioned face down, sometimes on their sides and sometimes on their backs.

There is usually ambient music playing in the background.

Most often people are quiet, but depending on who the person is and what’s going on with them, people might be seen wiggling around on the table or emotionally releasing.

All of this can make people ask the question: What is Network Spinal Analysis?

I did an interview with Amanda Love of Chiropractic Alchemy in Boulder, CO, and we tried to answer that question.

If you prefer you can watch the video version of the interview that I did with Amanda Love below:

Maybe you take your edification in the form of audio podcasts.

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What Makes Network Spinal Analysis Unique?

Dr. Amanda: What’s unique about Network Spinal Analysis is the creation of new neural strategies.

These neural strategies help people access more of themselves.

That could be their physical bodies, helping their organs and muscles and all of that communicating better, or it could be their emotional bodies, regulating emotions, increasing their capacity to find feelings and use their emotional bodies.

It could be their mental bodies, as well: improving mental clarity, purpose, direction, those types of things.

So it actually creates strategies in the system to be able to access those parts of ourselves.

How Did You End Up Practicing Network Chiropractic?

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Here’s another interview and an article you might be interested in from an interview I did with Shea Elizabeth, D.C. who practices in Lafayette, CO and she helped me answered the question, “Does Network Spinal Analysis work?

Dr. Jay: Have you always practiced Network professionally?

Dr. Amanda: I went to school to do applied kinesiology, so I got certified in that.

Dr. Jay: That’s a version of some voodoo.

Dr. Amanda: Yes, when I was growing up my chiropractor was an applied kinesiology practitioner and I was like, what is she doing?

She’s was so witchy, and I liked that.

She’s was reading my body, telling me how this stuff about myself.

I loved it.

Dr. Jay: Do you have like a chiropractic story?

Dr. Amanda: I was 12 years old and my whole family, including my grandma, went to the chiropractor.

Which is crazy because back then chiropractors were seen as witch doctors.

So I started getting headaches when I was about 12.

My parents were like, oh, you’re going to go to the chiropractor.

So I went to the chiropractor.

And then a couple years later I started having low back pain.

I was working as a phlebotomist at this hospital.

I was drawing blood and bending over people’s beds all the time.

So I started having back pain.

I was in undergrad when I did that.

Then I became an occupational therapist, but even before I finished school I knew that wasn’t right.

I knew there was more for me.

I started looking into chiropractic colleges.

I was really into like energy medicine and thought that if I learned acupuncture that would really help kind of bring that element into it.

I got the master’s in acupuncture and my doctorate in chiropractic at the same time.

Dr. Jay: Where did you go to school?

Dr. Amanda: New York Chiropractic College.

Dr. Jay: New York College is more medically oriented, isn’t it?

Dr. Amanda: I want to go to a medically oriented school.

Dr. Jay: Did you like find chiropractic philosophy there?

Dr. Amanda: I knew about vitalism and the body’s ability to heal itself.

That’s what drew me to chiropractic.

I already had a sense of that from my upbringing.

Dr. Amanda: I really wanted to have like that strong, scientific background.

That felt really important to me.

Believe it or not, I’m pretty left brained about things.

Dr. Jay: That’s balance out the witchy part.

Dr. Amanda: The science side used to be really super strong.

And then just only in the last 5, 6, 7 years has that other side of the brain started to wake up

Dr. Jay: I feel both of those sides when at your office.

It’s pretty cool because there’s clear, clinical Network structure, and there’s definitely somthing else going on.

If I had to describe your office to people I’d say you got this cool witchy, girl power thing going on.

That’s not totally true.

I see a lot of dudes at your office.

In any case, it’s really great getting entrained at your office.

In Network somtimes I feel like there’s this performance piece because there’s the Network wave.

With other practitioners I’ve felt like they were expecting me to move a certain way.

And when I wasn’t they thought there was something wrong with me or something wrong with them and it filled the field with that doubt.

I don’t feel any of that when I’m at your office.

My body does all the Network stuff but it seems totally internally generated.

What Is The Key That Makes Network Spinal Analysis So Powerful?

Dr. Amanda: Whatever comes through me when I work on people is… is just a way that I access intelligent energy, how it comes through my system and then amplifies this space so that organizing intelligence or wisdom can just do its job.

Dr. Jay: I feel like presence is the key.

If there’s presence in the room it just sort of gives permission for what’s trying to express itself through them to express itself.

Dr. Amanda: Yes, the more presence I have, the more effortless, the more easeful, the less doing their needs to be on my part.

Dr. Jay: How do you do that? How do you get in that space?

Dr. Amanda: That’s a really good question.

I don’t know how I do it.

I just drop into that space.

Dr. Jay: Do you bring your attention to your body, or where do you connect with that?

Dr. Amanda: I gues it would be my heart.

Dr. Jay: I bring my attention to my body.

I notice everything that I can there with my kind attention.

And I think that invokes my heart.

And often I noticed sensations in my body and I feel like that are sort of calling my attention and my job is to sort of give them my kind attention.

And then I let my eyes rest on the person that I’m working with.

When I do that certain sensations start to come to the surface in me that are saying, “Pay attention to us.”

It seems that by doing so I’m connecting to the river of chi that animates us both to life.

Then sensations come up and I give them my kind attention.

It feels like my heart digests those sensations.

When I look at the person I’m working with, it’s clear that some change is happeningin them too.

I asked Donald Epstein, the creator of Network Spinal Analysis, at a seminar, “What’s the key to Network Chiropractic, is it just the moves that make it work?”

He told me, “Yes, if you do the moves right, that’s it.”

But the truth is that presence is doing the majority of the work.

Dr. Amanda: That’s been my experience, too.

If You’d Like To Go Deeper

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What Is Network Spinal Analysis? Interview With Amanda Love, Network Chiropractor In Boulder, CO

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