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Emotional And Physical Pain: How To Free Yourself Without Drugs And Surgery

If you’re not living your purpose on the planet, it’s supposed to hurt, and nothing is supposed to take that pain away.

Dr. Donald Epstein, Creator of Epienergetics, Network Spinal and SomatoRespiratory Integration

Any Pain Is A Combination of Spiritual, Emotional And Physical Pain

Spiritual, emotional and physical pain are very closely related to each other.

Research shows that, while the brain does process emotional and physical pain somewhat differently, much of the same circuitry is used.

For example, if you’ve ever hurt yourself there can be a lot of emotion involved.

Likewise, if you’ve ever experienced a breakup or loss of a loved one you know that heartache can actually hurt in a physical way.

Furthermore, our ability to stay connected with our spiritual nature, and therefore our sense of purpose, is determined by our capacity to stay present with the sensation of psychological and physical discomfort in our bodies.

And having a sense of purpose or not is related to our experience of spiritual pain.

So when I talk about pain, I’m referring to the tangled up complex of physical, emotional and spiritual components—the somato-psycho-spiritual knot (another article I wrote)—that is pain.

An Emissary Of Life

Often when people show up at my office, it’s pain or some problem that has motivated them; and they want to know if that pain or problem can be fixed.

Often they want that pain to go away so they can go back to living their lives the way they were living them prior to the pain.

The problem with this is that the pain is there precisely because of the way they were living their lives before.

Something new—life—is trying to happen through them and life is using the pain to get them to change direction.

The old stories they tell themselves, the way they interact with the world, the emotions they’re expressing or not, and the actions they’re taking or not all need to change in alignment with the change that life is calling them to.

Emotional And Physical Pain Is Bound Up Energy

Those old ways of thinking, feeling and behaving have a lot of inertia.

It’s like trying to change the direction of something big and heavy, like a big spaceship… energy has to be added to the system to get it moving in a different direction.

We could grit our teeth and push the spaceship, adding energy from the outside or we could release energy from the inside, like a rocket.

It’s the same with our bodies and lives when change is necessary.

We could add energy from the outside, forcing ourselves to behave differently, or think differently or feel differently.

Or we could free up energy in the system that’s stuck, or being used inefficiently.

Well, the energy bound in pain is a perfect source of that energy.

We only need to tap into it.

A Choice Point

It’s often during times of transition, or new eras dawning in a person’s life, that pain comes to the surface.

The old way of thinking and feeling and behaving, and the way that we’ve been pushing important parts of ourselves away, has served us.

But now life is calling us to work on the next project.

In order to do that we’ve got to come into relationbship with the parts of ourselves we’ve pushed away, as well as the life force energy (yet another article I wrote) associated with those parts that we tucked away at some point out of a perceived need to survive.

Life and our bodies will conspire to get us to pay attention to those parts of ourselves and their energy—pain is a brilliant way to make that happen.

Avoiding Pain Is A Trap

a mousetrap avoiding pain is a trap emotional and physical pain

It’s natural to want to avoid pain—by definition, it hurts.

But that’s only because we don’t know what’s on the other side of pain and no one has modeled for us the transformation that’s possible if we go through it with an open heart.

People in our lives around us certainly haven’t.

From the time we’re conceived our nervous system picks up on how everyone is trying to avoid that which is uncomfortable.

The whole job of our healthcare system has become to help us avoid pain.

This can be seen in the number of prescriptions being written for pain medications.

Ads encourage us to take this or do that to make the pain go away.

But pain is the energy of a part of us that we’ve been pushing away that is now trying to get our attention so it can be integrated into the whole of us—the definition of healing.

The energy in pain becomes that rocket fuel that I mentioned earlier.

How To Turn Emotional And Physical Pain Into Fuel For Healing

Here’s a series of four videos I made on healing emotional and physical pain:

If you prefer podcasts listen below or search for the Biosoul Integration Podcast and this episode wherever you listen to podcasts:

What if you knew that your pain was changing you and that on the other side of that transformation the pain would be resolved and you’d be more connected, whole and happy?

You’d be curious and you’d go toward the pain, you’d treat it as your friend and you’d give yourself permission to feel it and let it influence you.

That’s the potential in ever painful situation… so might as well go toward it.

In order to harness the energy created by pain and turn it into fuel for healing, we need to give it our kind attention.

Extract Wisdom From Pain By Becoming Aware Of Its Very Essence:

  • How does it feel?
  • Where is it located?
  • Find its boundaries
  • Does the pain stay in one place or move around?
  • Try to get a feel for the size, shape, color and texture of your pain.
  • Notice how it looks, smells, and tastes. 

When you put your attention on your pain in this way it may change in some way.

The pain may move to another part of your body, or change intensity.

You may start to experience different, stronger emotions such as anger or fear.

You may also notice that certain themes in the stories you tell yourself keep arising over and over again.

While you may think this is a cause to worry, it is actually cause to rejoice because you have made progress—this is you extracting energy and wisdom from the pain and integrating it.

Pain Is A Portal

We may send out a prayer asking for something we want.

And then this pesky pain comes around.

We might think, “If could only get rid of this pain then I could move toward what I want.”

We don’t stop to consider that the pain is the pathway—a portal— to the thing we prayed for.

In order to achieve the thing we asked for we have to become a different person—the person who can receive it.

In order to become that person we’ll have to feel more and think differently and behave differently.

That’s what the pain is trying to help us do.

If you feel like you’re ready to take a step toward your pain, click the link to get your free, personalized BioSoul Integration Guide which will give you more information about the part of the healing journey you’re on right now and give you more insight into the pain or the problem you’re experiencing.

I look forward to helpling you express more life,


Emotional And Physical Pain: How To Free Yourself Without Drugs And Surgery

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