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Boulder Energy Healing Practitioners Helped Me Heal

One of the many things that makes Boulder, Boulder is the abundance of energetic healing that’s available from any number of amazing practitioners.

Whether it’s shamanic work, energy work, reiki, acupuncture, rolfing, chiropractic, or any combination of all of the above, Boulder is the place to find it.

I feel like I’ve had the great pleasure to work some of the most talented energy healers that Boulder has to offer.

In this blog I list some of them along with what they specialize in with a link to their website.

If you’re interested in deepening in your healing journey, click the link to receive your personalized Energy Healing Guide to find out where you are on the map of the healing journey and what step to take next to embody your soul’s gifts.

Rebecca Mara

Rebecca Mara is a powerful reiki energy healer and shamanic practitioner.

  • Somato-Emotional Bodyworker
  • Reiki & Chakra Balancing Practitioner
  • Licensed Massage Therapist
  • Intuitive Coach & Spiritual Guide
  • Somatic Meditation Teacher 
  • Ayurvedic Panchakarma Therapist
rebecca mara

About Rebecca: My goal is to facilitate empowered transformation in the mind, body and energy systems (which are inseparable) by using bodywork, energy healing and intuitive coaching. I wan to be a catalyst for helping you achieve more health, connection and authentic joy.  

I seek to find the core of the imbalance as it shows up in the body and the soul and how it may contribute to vigilance in the nervous system. I notice the affect it has on breath, relationship to self and others, how we hold ourselves, the limits we put on emotions, how it affects our beliefs and behaviors–all that contributes to how we experience life through our bodies.

It’s a team effort. I help you to bring resource and caring to the imbalance in this core pattern so it can be healed. This tends to release deep layers of tension. While this is happening I give you practical powerful tools that you can use to support and continue the process on your own in your daily life.

Loren Uecker

Besides being my wife, Loren Uecker is a seasoned healer, having worked as a hospice chaplain, spiritual counselor and shamanic practitioner for many years.

Loren Uecker
  • Spiritual Counseling
  • Grief Counseling
  • Shamanic Healing

About Loren: Life and death are two sides of the same coin–two parts of a whole that naturally exist together. This can be seen in nature in the trees that bud in spring, grow into fullness in summer, shed their leaves in autumn and then return to inactivity in the winter. This process mirrors our own spiritual lives and our evolution as humans.

Life’s significant events, changes, losses and transitions are what create these seasons. There is an archetypal template that is at the core of it all. As we go through this process in life we can not help but grow as individuals and as souls.

I help to support this life-to-death process that permeates our lives through spiritual embodied counseling, shamanic and energetic healing, and ritual and ceremony.

Erin Love

Another one of my favorite practitioners is Erin Love who opened me to a whole new world when she facilitated some shamanic journeys for me years ago. And more recently she did a cowry shell reading for me which was a fun and insightful way to begin the new year.

Erin Love
  • Acupuncture
  • Energy Healing with Core Synchronism
  • Shamanic Healing
  • Soul Guidance through Cowry Shell Readings

About Erin: I believe that the human body and soul has the power to heal and thrive if it is given the right attention and opportunities. My approach blends practicality and magic as it relates to body and soul. This dual approach is missing in much of modern medicine.

During a session I work with you and with life to create change. I bring what I’ve learned in the last 20 years of practice: shamanic practices, Core Synchronism, medical Qi gong, massage therapy, acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine. The result is a depth of release that is corrective and transformative, magical and practical.

​This approach can help you solve the problem created by health imbalances, pain, emotional distress and life transitions. And I can help you ongoing to maintain health, balance and a connection to life.

​Lawrence Conlan

Lawrence Conlan

One of my most important teachers is Lawrence Conlan, a long time Network Chiropractor, naturopathic healer and energy healer whose been helping people in the Boulder area for almost 40 years. He currently teaches weekend long retreats to help peole integrate their soul’s gifts into their body so they can share those gifts on the planet.

About Lawrence: I have a great passion for the awakening that’s possible in each of us and a closeness to the feeling of being cherished completely by the divine. And I bring that passion and closeness to bear when working with my clients so that they can start to lead with that as their sense of self.

In the process I try to be compassionate for myself and my own process, which then helps a persons system to meet the places where there is resistance to the awakening nature of life. Both our fears are thus metabolized in n alchemical process.

I help you to hold your core sense of separation, mistrust, aloneness and loss of innocence, along with the other structures that have come as a result (addiction to drama, work, food, family, comfort, substance, etc.)

Jay Uecker

The people above have all contributed to my healing journey and, thus, have made great contributions to the development of my work (BioSoul Integration) in various ways.

Here’s a YouTube video I made on the subject of energy healing:

If you prefer to listen to podcasts, listen to an episode on energy healing and/or find the BioSoul Integration Podcast on all the major podcasting platforms.

dr. jay offering energy healing at his office near boulder

Through BioSoul Integration my mission is to help individuals create a deepening connection to their bodies and the lives that we experience through these bodies. I want to help those who have felt like they were being called to something greater in their lives, to serve and give their unique soul’s gifts, and to express those gifts through their physical bodies and onto the planet.

I serve people from Boulder, Lafayette, Erie, Superior, Broomfield and Westminster at my office in Louisville, CO through hands-on BioSoul Integration.

Click the link to receive your personalized BioSoul Integration Guide to find out where you are on the map of the healing journey and what step to take next to embody your soul’s gifts.

I look forward to helping you express more life,


Boulder Energy Healing Practitioners Helped Me Heal

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

Dr. Jay is the founder and owner of BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado. He’s a chiropractor, a hands-on healer, an in-person and online soul integration coach and the author of If It Didn't Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose. For two decades Dr. Jay has been helping people navigate their healing journeys. Over the course of that time he’s worked intimately with thousands of people. Those who are most drawn to Dr. Jay's work are those who are seeking to integrate and embody their soul's essence and their soul's gifts so they can share them with others. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration helps to speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by the innocent and unconscious resistance that lives in our primal brain and nervous system. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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