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What Is Integral Leadership, Anyway? With Embodied Leadership Coach, Anne-Marie Marron From Boulder, CO

Rather than looking at business [or parenting, or teaching, or any group activity] as a series of simple, linear activities, the systems view recognizes that it is a function of numerous processes interacting interdependently with one another resulting in both planned and unplanned consequences.

John P. Forman, author of Integral Leadership: The Next Half-Step

Mind Blowing

As it turns out, the goals and the outcomes of integral leadership are similar to the work I’m doing in the world.

But when I first heard the term I was a little confused.

‘Integral’ is a kind of expansive term and ‘leadership’ has a more focused feel.

It kind of scrambles the mind.

What the heck is it?

And so it goes with integral leadership.

It’s more about an authentic expression at the moment than the old top-down, power-over kind of leadership and it’s necessary that the mind steps aside in order to reveal the wisdom of our authentic selves in the moment and share our gifts.

If my interview with Anne-Marie Marron blows your mind, then you’re right on track.

She’s a body-centered leadership coach for corporations and a power reclamation coach for individuals.

She’s headquartered in Boulder, Colorado, and the host of the Power Reclamation Podcast.

What Is Integral Leadership?

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Jay: As I was looking up what you do with executive coaching, I found that many of the terms were a lot like what I do at BioSoul Integration.

If I understand this, it is about meeting yourself where you are at the moment and recognizing the parts of yourself that have been denied.

It’s about integrating these parts of your soul into your being so you can free up resources to share your gifts with the rest of the world.

Am I getting this correct?

How do you see it?

What is integral leadership?

Anne-Marie:  Integral leadership is very much as you said.

There’s a whole body of work on integral leadership, like Ken Wilber’s work, for example.

It’s very beautiful.

But when I see the words integral leadership, it’s more the grassroots of what you are describing.

I really believe everyone’s a leader based on how they show up from whatever they are doing, the kind of consciousness that we bring, the presence we bring, or don’t bring for that matter.

The path of integration, whatever type of leader we are, is about what you said.

It’s about accessing our gifts, really going deep in, and trusting the disruptions. 

The sacred disruptions I call them, the obstacles in our lives, are actually the one thing that’s calling us to wake up.

Integration, for me, is so much about going into places where there are shadows, there are unseen portions of myself, or pieces I disown, places I have shame around.

For me, integral leadership is about befriending, about really calling these exiled parts of ourselves home.

Sacred Disruptors

Jay: There’s a lot in what you said there.

Shadow (another in-depth blog post by me) is an important concept.

The energy in the sacred disrupters is the same energy that can solve the problem.

In your experience, when we are using all that energy to keep parts of us at bay, how does it show up?

Ann-Marie:  It can come up in the physical like chronic pain or injury.

What I see a lot in the corporate world is the presence of repeating patterns in relationships at home and at work.

We keep generating the same experience over and over again.

It also comes through as wanting to share our gifts with the world but we have these limiting beliefs about our ability to be seen or our ability to take up space.

We have all this energy, all this life force, to bring ourselves forward, but there are these unseen veils that stop us.

They sometimes look like procrastination or accidents, things that keep veering us off.

Jay: So, if these are so unconscious, it seems like something you can’t do on your own? You can’t fight your way out of your own paper bag. You need help somehow.

Ann-Marie: Yes. Whether that’s life presenting you with a big challenge or coming to see someone like you, someone to show us, “Oh, I really need to look at this.”

How Receptive Are Corporations To This Concept?

Jay:  How does this work for executives or people in the corporate world?

I don’t see them getting all spiritual about things. 

Ann-Marie:  There is a large population of people that are waking up.

A lot of entrepreneurs.

The web is full of these millennials that are so awoke and they are so hungry to really dial into accessing their own deep wisdom.

There’s leadership that wants to evolve.

There is managing up now, there’s no powering over.

There’s this, “If this is a problem for you, it’s a problem for the whole system. So, how do we resolve this together?”.

Leadership Circle Profile

There are many leaders who understand the concepts but they don’t know how to bring them into the corporation.

That’s where I come in.

There’s a tool I use that has been so helpful.

It’s called the Leadership Circle Profile.

It helps people understand that if you just slow down, you actually will know what to say and do.

Jay: That’s a huge leap to make for most people in the world.

We’re so addicted to our thinking, intelligence.

Doing what you’re talking about sounds pretty scary.

Ann-Marie: It is scary, but here’s what’s cool: When you do it in a group, there’s a reverence for how hard this is but there’s also a reverence for what is transpiring.

When one of them is willing to take the risk, it’s very, very revolutionary.

Power Reclamation With Individuals

Jay:  You work with individuals too.

Is it more therapeutic with regular folks?

Anne-Marie: That’s where I’m coming into power in this power reclamation system.

So many of my clients talk about their sex life.

They can’t get into that energy and it’s showing up at work.

This power reclamation system has six gateways to come into wholeness.

The first one is Centering Power. How is it we find our feet when so much chaos is going on?

The second one is Relational Power.

How do we share our vulnerability and have that relationship with ourselves?

The third one is Self-Acceptance Power.

This is so much about accessing our conditioning, our trauma, and about befriending all that.

The next one is Wild Power, which is more about dismantling domestication. Then there is Intuitive power and then Erotic Power.

All of these have amazing gifts and shadows in them.

Sometimes we go through all of them, but sometimes a person knows “Yes, I’m giving my power away here.”

With individuals, I do integrative work, but I also do deep shadow work.

The places that no one wants to go are where I like to go.

Jay:  Thank God there are people like you out there who are willing to hold that.

The Importance of Community

Ann-Marie: I also have these groups now where the people hold each other.

I have a free one every month called the Power Reclamation Collective.

We never know what we are going to talk about, but usually, something will come up that I’m working with, and watching the group empower each other, reflect back, and courageously go to the dark places is part of how we break the cycle of shame and liberate the energy to start doing the work.

Jay: Yeah, we’re all just walking around in our own little worlds and you see someone and automatically think they totally have their shit together.

And the way we compare ourselves on social media in general, you project onto other people that they have everything together.

I tell my clients that the people they pass on the street have no idea the pain, whatever, that they might be dealing with.

When people get in a group they can see others are dealing with that too.

That’s a huge life change.

Ann-Marie: I think so too.

There’s something about that shared humanity.

When I think about loneliness, the loneliest thing is thinking we are the only ones going through hardship, whatever that is at the moment.

Realizing someone else is too is relieving.

Thoughts On The Metaverse

Jay: What do you think about the metaverse (an in-depth post I did on the real metaverse that Mark Zuckerberg stole his idea from)?

Corporations are spending billions of dollars on doing things in the metaverse right now.

Do you have anything to say about that?

Ann-Marie: I was doing some consulting for two businesses in the Web3 world.

Some might call that the metaverse.

Web 1.0 was the original, with e-mails and such.

Web 2.0 is what we have right now, with corporations tracking us and directing advertising toward us everywhere we go.

Web 3.0 is basically a whole new thing where blockchain is the infrastructure and there’s a way you can basically vote for what you really care about.

It’s a more private way.

You aren’t going to be tracked.

It’s a mindset also.

We don’t want to be under control by another institution or people.

We want freedom.

That’s what I thought when you said metaverse.

There’s a new group of people creating a wonderful new reality.

Jay: We want privacy, but we were just talking about one of the things we need to move forward is for other people to know the hard things that other people are dealing with.

We need people to be more exposed.

I just think in a totally integrated world, we would all sort of feel each other.

Does that make you think of anything?

We’d know each other on a deeper level.

Ann-Marie: We don’t want to lose the community building of being able to find each other, but if we are talking about the over-ruling from corporations, our information, our privacy, is being shared with others.

It’s creepy.

That’s the place where there’s shadow, but we still need a place where we can come together and build community without feeling we are losing our rights.

Is A Truly Integrated Person Possible?

Jay: Is an integrated person possible?

I mean, it sounds like there are thousands of parts, thousands of different ways, we fragmented ourselves and we’re talking about integrating them all.

It’s hard enough getting on the same page to schedule a Zoom meeting.

It’s like we have a boardroom inside us that has a thousand different board members at the table and we’re trying to get them all on the same page.

Is an integrated person possible?

Ann-Marie: You know how the universe is always expanding?

It’s really the journey.

I do think there’s core material that each of us works through in a lifetime and those are pretty big wins that we can actually integrate those parts back.

Whatever those storylines are about, patterns of betrayal, patterns of whatever.

But I also think we are so infinite in a way we don’t even know how expansive we can really be.

I do think when the heart can open towards the darkest parts of self, there is such a deep integration and such an expansion that happens at the same time, but then there’s probably more.

Jay: So, there are some infinite possibilities there, but there are always a few big ones.

If we work on those, it’s pretty impactful.

Ann-Marie: Yes, there’ll be a lot of energy that comes back in to settle.

Now that energy can be used to generate things, generate peace and love.

Even when there’s chaos.

The Nature Of The Process

Jay: Those are the ones that will generally be hitting us over the head.

Is it sort of a linear process?

Are you like “evolve, evolve, evolve, integrated”, enlightened or whatever, and that’s it.

I get the sense that it’s not linear.

Ann-Marie: I don’t perceive it to be.

Enlightenment is a great point to arrive but it’s not the endpoint.

The next point is enlivenment — all the ways we can live in love, joy, and pleasure and be aware of these other parts.

I think of integral as once we discover the pathway to bringing more parts of ourselves home, it’s just naturally what we want to do and it’s circuitous.

It’s not linear at all.

Jay: It’s like whatever’s in your face at the moment, that’s it. 

Ann-Marie: We are integrating all the time.

From to moment, we are responding to our conditioning.

Anne-Marie’s Offerings

Anyone can benefit from the wisdom of integral leadership, to solve problems by leveraging the brilliance of the collective.

I want to thank Ann-Marie Marron, embodied leadership coach, for her insightful interview.

For those interested in executive business coaching or corporate coaching, Anne-Marie can be found at www.revealingwisdom.com.

If you’re interested in individual coaching, check out Anne-Marie and her Power Reclamation System at www.anne-mariemarron.com.

There are other ways that individuals or groups can engage with Anne-Marie’s work.

She holds the Power Reclamation Collective on the second Tuesday of every month, which is free.

She also offers a 30-day meditation program called Traversing The Initiates Path.

These offerings and more can be found by clicking here.

The Next Step

If It Didn't Hurt

As I’d said, the goals and outcomes of integral leadership are very similar to those of my work—helping people embody their authentic selves so they can give of themselves from that place.

Though I never use the term ‘integral leadership,’ if you’re interested in integral leadership, my book If It Didn’t Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose is essential reading.

Click the link to buy the book or read the first chapter for FREE right now.

I look forward to helping you express more life,

Dr. Jay

What Is Integral Leadership, Anyway? With Embodied Leadership Coach, Anne-Marie Marron From Boulder, CO

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