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Spiritual Integration: Three Keys To Speed Your Transformation

Wholeness is not achieved by cutting off a portion of one’s being, but by integration of the contraries.

Carl Jung

What Is Spiritual Integration?

At the core of spiritual integration is the idea that our task as humans on this planet is to integrate our spiritual selves into our physical bodies so that we can express our soul’s gifts and share them with others.

It would be nice if that were made explicit from the start, but it’s not.

As humans we’re essentially blind to the bigger picture of our existence, like we’re walking around in a pitch black room, bumping into the furniture over and over again until we finally start to get an impression of the layout.

Likewise, through the continual trials and tribulations, as well as the joys and successes that we experience over and over again in life, eventually we start to get a sense of who we really are and why we’re here.

This blog post is designed to provide a heads up regarding the bigger picture of existence, and hopefully, some insight into life.

Afterall, if we know the rules of the game, the game is lot easier and we’re a lot better at it.

Throughout this article, we will explore three core concepts regarding the integration of our spiritual selves and our physical selves, including how we got dis-integrated in the first place, how life is always nudging us toward our evolution and how embodiment is key to speeding up and smoothing out the transformational process.

How We Get Dis-Integrated In The First Place

Here’s a video I made on what you need to know for successful spiritual integration:

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If we’re going to talk about spiritual integration, we have to talk about how we get dis-integrated to begin with.

Our journey begins in the womb, approximately two to four months after conception.

It is during this formative stage that dividing and multiplying cells assemble into what is known as a notochord—a primitive brain, spinal cord, and the foundation of our nervous system—what I like to call the “primal brain.”

This foundational nervous system is sensitive to the energetic vibrations of our environment, the underlying dynamics of the people surrounding us, our parents, extended family, and the broader human culture.

At this stage we’re not capable of any kind of thought but our primal brain instinctively recognizes our dependence on our caretakers.

The Law Of Entrainment

So we “tune” ourselves, or entrain to them to match what we sense in them.

We see how they have judged certain aspects of their being—anger, fear, love, all the feelings that make humans human—and in doing so, created internal separations.

In our innocence, we unwittingly fragment ourselves, mirroring the ways in which our caregivers have fragmented themselves.

I want to point out that this all happens innocently.

There’s no one to assign blame to since it’s something that our parents came about innocently when they picked it up from their parents, and they from theirs, and so on back into our lineage.

Innocent or not, there are consequences.

Being disconnected from parts of ourselves prevents us from living in our wholeness and denies us access to a direct experience of spirit. 

But this situation—where we fragment ourselves in this way—goes against the nature of Nature.

There is a force inherent to life that is always nudging us toward greater connection to, and greater awareness of, the whole, which includes a more complete experience of our humanness, as well as our spiritual nature.

How Life Is Constantly Nudging Us Toward Spiritual Integration

Every experience we encounter, whether positive or negative, holds a lesson for us to learn and grow from.

These experiences are not random occurrences, but rather they are purposeful and intentional.

They are life trying to get us to feel more, so we’ll come into relationship with parts of ourselves we’ve repressed.

In this way life is constantly nudging us toward our evolution.


This is why our love relationships are absolute crucibles for growth.

They mirror to us the parts of ourselves we’ve repressed—our shadow selves.

For example, have you ever encountered someone who annoys you to the core?

This annoyance arises because that person resonates with a part of yourself that you have judged and pushed away.

If that conflicted relationship with ourselves is unconscious we’ll tend to project it onto the external world—the people and situations we encounter there.

Life uses these encounters as mirrors, reflecting back to us the aspects of ourselves that we need to acknowledge and integrate.

Pain And Discomfort

It’s often uncomfortable, or even painful, when the repressed parts of us that we’ve pushed away start to come into consciousness.

Life uses that discomfort to get us to stop and pay attention in order to coax greater awareness out of us.

Afterall, we’re so distracted that pain is often the only thing that will get our attention.

By paying attention and becoming more aware, we start to identify and clarify the different parts of ourselves that we’ve been trying to ignore.


We have parts that are angry, parts that are happy, parts that are sad, parts that are full of joy, parts that want to move forward, parts that want to drag their feet, parts that want to be in relationship, parts that are scared of intimacy, etc.

In feeling these parts of ourselves we start to see how the associated perspectives conflict with each other.

We feel that conflict as stuckness in our bodies and lives.

Most people it the western world seek to obliterate the stuckness by taking massive action.

However, the real solution lies in giving ourselves permission to fully experience how the stuckness feels, in other words, embodying the stuckness.

By allowing ourselves to feel the tension, conflict within us, we catalyze the energy bound up in the polarity.

This energy becomes fuel that propels us toward our evolution.

So contrary to how most of the world wants to approach pain, problems, challenges and stuckness, embracing the stuckness becomes a portal to our transformation, opening doors to more expansive parts of ourselves—our spiritual nature.

It’s worth noting that this process of disintegration and evolution is happening regardless of the work we do or don’t do.

But, by consciously cooperating with the process we can accelerate and smooth out our healing journey.

The more aware you become of life’s nudges and the disintegrated parts within you, the more you can actively participate in your own spiritual integration and evolution.

What we do with stuckness is possibly the most important part of the journey toward spiritual integration.

Here’s an in-depth blog post I wrote on the spiritual meaning of feeling stuck in your body and/or life, and how to get unstuck.

Embodiment Is The Key To Spiritual Integration

As we discussed in the introduction, spiritual integration is about expressing our soul’s gifts and essence through our physical bodies so that we can share them with others on this physical plane.

This requires that our spiritual essence gets integrated into our physical bodies, a.k.a. embodied.

When we embody our spiritual gifts they become a part of us.

This allows us to express our unique gifts through our physical bodies and onto the planet.

By incorporating embodiment practices into our daily lives, we can deepen our spiritual integration and become more aligned with our soul’s purpose.

Thoughts Vs. Feelings

The key to embodiment lies in granting ourselves permission to fully experience the sensations associated with the feelings that life events bring up in us.

Whether it’s anger, sadness, or feeling stuck, these emotions provide a crucial window for spiritual integration and embracing our authentic selves.

Take, for example, the context of a heated argument with a loved one.

As mentioned earlier, relationships often can stir up a wide range of emotions that may have previously been suppressed or ignored.

In this container of love and commitment, we cannot easily run away from conflict.

Instead, we find ourselves confronted with intense emotions, both within ourselves and reflected back by our significant others.

Because the mental pathway is so engrained in adult humans, the usual tendency in such situations is to get trapped in our thoughts, attempting to talk our way through the problem.

Through the dis-integration process that happens while we’re in the womb and until about age seven, most of us have developed an aversion to feeling our bodies and the sensations of the emotions arising within us.

This causes the energy to squirt into our heads and manifest as thoughts about our fears, worries, or grievances towards the other person.

We may find ourselves blaming them for our negative emotions, saying hurtful things, or trying to rationalize our way out of the argument.

Embodying The Sensations

Breaking free from this cycle requires a shift in focus.

Instead of trying to figure everything out through thoughts, we need to direct our attention to the sensations in our bodies—the very embodiment of our emotions.

When faced with a situation that triggers strong emotions, we can pause and observe the thoughts and energy driving those thoughts.

Rather than attempting to analyze or rationalize, we shift our awareness to the physical sensations that accompany these emotions:

  • What does fear feel like in our bodies?
  • Where is it located?
  • Does it have boundaries?
  • Are those boundaries clearly defined or fuzzy?
  • Does the sensation have shape or volume?
  • Is it moving?
  • Does it possess color or texture?

The practice is not about finding answers or solutions but rather about fully experiencing the sensations in our bodies.

By bringing kind, curious, and loving attention to these sensations, we integrate the parts of ourselves that we have previously pushed away or deemed separate.

It is through this integration that our hearts open, allowing us to receive and accept those previously walled-off aspects of our being.

The Transformational Process

As we engage in this process of embodying our feelings, profound transformations begin to unfold.

The integration of previously separated parts of ourselves yields valuable insights and wisdom.

These shadowy aspects of our being carry their own unique wisdom and purpose.

The sad parts offer insights into healing and the importance of self-compassion.

The angry parts empower us to establish healthy boundaries and reclaim our personal power.

Each facet of our emotional spectrum contributes to our growth and self-awareness.

Moreover, as these once-rejected parts merge with our integrated selves, new awareness emerges.

Our perspectives expand, encompassing a broader understanding of ourselves, others, and the world around us.

We gain deeper insights into the intricacies of life and our place within it.

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Spiritual Integration: Three Keys To Speed Your Transformation

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