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Healing Pain Once And For All Requires An Energetic Perspective

If you’re not living your purpose on the planet, it’s supposed to hurt, and nothing is supposed to take that pain away.

Dr. Donald Epstein

Healing Pain, Body And Mind

pain is bound up life force energy

Healing pain comes in many forms because pain can occur in many forms— from broken legs to emotional suffering.

It can be physical, psychological, and even spiritual.

One thing is true however, that despite the different expressions and variations, all of the discomfort that we experience in our lives has a greater purpose.

Today, I’m going to talk about a unique perspective on pain and how it can give us a whole new set of options when it comes to healing pain.

A New Perspective on Healing Pain

What is your view on pain?

Traditional medicine and even some forms of alternative medicine will typically portray pain as something that needs to be treated or fixed.

Society will often label pain as nothing more than bad luck that is out of our control.

Even the addiction to drugs, alcohol, food, or technology has stemmed from a desire to numb our physical and emotional pain.

Instead of trying to understand the source of the pain, these methods seek to put a Band-Aid over the wound instead of trying to understand and transcend it’s source.

There are spiritual teachers and healers that will tell you otherwise.

Donald Epstein said that if you’re out of alignment with living your purpose on the planet, it’s supposed to hurt.

He sees pain as more of a message and a need to get to the source.

By getting to it’s source, we are able to achieve greater spiritual, spinal, and neural integrity, and thus better able to express and embody our souls’ gifts.

Rumi also said that, “the wound is the place where the light enters you,” implying that there’s a bigger purpose to our pain.

If we start to understand that pain is really just bound up life force energy, we can start to make sense of this.

What is Life Force Energy?

Here’s a video I made on life force energy:

Or if you prefer to read, click here to read a blog post on the subject.

Before we make the connection between pain and energy, let’s first define what life force energy really is.

Sometimes it can be described as the natural buzz you might feel in your body and mind after a good workout, making love, or the thrilling sensation you get after riding a roller coaster or doing some sort of extreme activity.

That tingling sensation you have felt within— that is the sensation of this life force energy being put into motion.

Ancient cultures have also recognized this concept of universal energy.

The Chinese word for life force energy is called, Chi or Qi, which is synonymous with the word, breath.

In India, the word for this energy is called prana. The Japanese call it ki.

Even the Hawaiians have their own word for it— mana.

The Essence of Life

Life force energy contains the information that animates us to life.

It creates and sustains our minds and bodies, giving life to our emotional and mental capacity.

It is the force of creation and of potential energy— energy that is being put into motion.

When life force energy is in motion, it gives us an uplink to our spiritual essence.

This is also the same energy force that makes things move and evolve on the planet and what shapes the entire universe.

It is is an intelligent and creative energy, one that contains inherent wisdom.

The same natural buzz described earlier is our nervous system responding to this life force energy.

Our nervous system is a receiver, which can be likened to a radio antenna that is receiving a radio signal.

As a step down transformer, our nervous system is then able to translate this energy so that it can be integrated with our minds and bodies.

Ideally, this energy should be in a continuous cycle or flow, just like a river current, weather pattern, or change in seasons.

It should also flow continuously through us.

In Chinese medicine, it is believed that in order to maintain optimal health and mitigate pain, chi should circulate throughout the entire body without disruption.

And that pain or disease is the sign of a blockage of chi.

Unraveling Our Life Purpose

When we can begin unraveling and healing pain that is within us, we can achieve greater flow on an emotional and physical level.

This also means that we will have a greater connection to who we are are and our purpose during this life.

It’s almost like there is a twist to the whole thing, looking at pain in this way.

Instead of it being something to just get rid of or fix, we can open ourselves up to the wisdom and intelligence that lives in our pain.

In fact, all of the information that is needed to solve the problem can be found in the pain, and once that wisdom has been received, understood and acted upon it will also resolve the pain that we are experiencing.

The word, heal actually comes from the Old English word, hǣlan, which translates to make whole.

Healing is not necessarily about clearing anything.

Healing pain is about welcoming, transcending, and integrating this bound up energy within and letting it inform us.

When we allow ourselves to believe this as truth, we are also implying that the traumas we experience in life aren’t an accident or mistake, either.

Emotional and physical trauma are instead, our greatest spiritual teachers.

I also invite you to consider that the more difficult life seems to get, the greater the potential you have for affecting the greatest change in the world.

The Continuum of Human Emotion

We tend to put a limit on the range and depth of emotion that we give ourselves the permission to feel.

However, it is important to understand that our emotions exist on a continuum.

Anger, sadness, and grief are connected to positive emotions like happiness, comfort and freedom on those continuums.

When we suppress our negative emotions or try to numb our pain in some way, we are also limiting our ability to feel joy.

And when we are limited on the range of emotions we allow ourselves to experience, it also is going to affect the stories we tell ourselves about who we are, why we’re here, and what our truth is.

Experiencing negative feelings may be uncomfortable, but once we pay attention to them and give them our presence, it can help us to reactivate the flow of our own life force energy.

A Pain Healing Hack

I’ve created a video on the subject:

Or if you prefer podcasts:

You might be saying to yourself, now this is great, but how can I activate this life force energy?

How can I transcend my pain?

In other blog posts and YouTube videos, I’ve talked about how to bring our attention and presence to pain, as a way to “hack” and speed up the pain healing process.

When we consciously bring our attention to the sensations in our body, we can begin to experience the healing benefits of the bound up energy within us.

Here are some questions that you can ask yourself to jumpstart the pain healing power of attention and presence in your life.

  1. Identify a sensation or emotion that is bothering you.
  2. Where is it exactly in your body and what are it’s boundaries?
  3. What is it’s shape?
  4. Does it have a particular volume or weight?
  5. Does it have any other characteristics like a particular color or texture?
  6. Is the sensation moving in any way? If so, what direction is it going?

Activating Our Hearts

When we start to bring this level of attention to our pain, a wave of emotions will often rise to the surface.

During this stage in the process, it is very important to pay close attention to how we are feeling during this process.

This is where we can begin to involve the heart with our attention.

Presence is all about adding the heart to the equation, and being a loving witness to our pain, problems, feelings, and sensations.

One possible method for engaging the heart is to personify your pain, imagining that our pain is a hurt animal or child that we would want to hold and comfort.

You might even choose to call your pain, my dear.

When we make a conscious choice to involve the heart in this attentive state, it creates a healing hack and we can start to feel the benefits of the power of presence.

If you’d like to learn more about attention and presence, here is the link to my blog post on how these things play a role in transcending pain and turning it into energy.

It may seem radical, to vindicate something that we naturally want to push away from our awareness.

However, a key to overcoming this resistance is understanding that you don’t have to say yes to your thoughts.

Your thoughts are simply the chatter in your mind, which is completely separate from your body and from your heart.

This is why you should draw your attention to the sensation and the feeling, and not allow yourself to get wrapped up in your thoughts alone.

When we do this, the energy that is bound in our tension starts to unfold, and we can begin to extract the wisdom behind the pain and open ourselves up to the intelligence of the heart.

A Diamond in the Rough

Now, you can think of yourself as a diamond in the making.

Almost as if life is here to squeeze and turn us into something else.

I invite you to consider that pain is not here to screw with us or make us perpetually miserable.

The pain that we encounter in life is really a great blessing, a chance for our souls to grow, and become wiser and stronger.

When we can extract the wisdom that resides in our pain, we can bring our attention to and be present with this bigger picture.

Ultimately, I believe that as we turn our attention and presence to our pain, it compels us to realize and express our true gifts and purpose on this planet.

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Healing Pain Once And For All Requires An Energetic Perspective

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