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Seeing Through The Media’s Salacious Spin On The Goop Lab Ep. 5: The Energy Experience

What’s Really Going On On Those Tables?

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In January of 2020, a video made at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland demonstrating actor and dancer, Julianne Hough’s “energy experience,” created quite a stir, and went viral.

In the video chiropractor and energy healer, John Amaral, can be seen performing his energy healing technique on Julianne Hough.

As Dr. Amaral takes gentle contacts on Hough’s spine and talks to the crowd, Hough writhes and emotes on the table.

Her rather dynamic response prompted the sensationalist media to put a salacious spin on what they saw, comparing it to an “exorcism” or an “orgasm.”

I’m not sure if it was a media stunt—exactly—but no doubt it created some useful buzz for Gwyneth Paltrow’s soon to follow Netflix series called The Goop Lab.

In particular The Goop Lab Episode 5: The Energy Experience, features John Amaral again, this time treating Julianne Hough, Gwyneth Paltrow, and her Goop Lab team.

And again, their responses to his work provoked the media and those who were not familiar with such work to speculate on exactly what was going on on those tables.

As a chiropractor and energy healer who has practiced similarly to Dr. Amaral for nearly 20 years, and as someone who knows him and the foundation for his work, something called Network Spinal Analysis, I wanted to lend my expert opinion to John Amaral, his work and it’s interesting effect on Hough, Paltrow, and her team.

Limits Of Expression Placed On Us By Our Culture

I get it, the kind of public emotional release and body movement demonstrated on the Davos video and The Goop Lab episode are unusual.

Our society limits the instances in which we are allowed to not only connect with our emotions but also display them for others to see.

This is often limited to intimate, sexual encounters, maybe those participating in sporting events, possibly the theater when someone is acting, and in times of collective crisis, like an accident or a natural disaster.

We have learned that if we cross that acceptable line, society lets us know we have behaved strangely, and therefore inappropriately.

We learn to stifle these expressions ourselves.

Actually this is happening from the moment our primitive nervous systems develop in the womb.

We are feeling into the limits of expression that are acceptable in our immediate family culture and the culture at large.

We adopt those limits and bake them into our bodies and being and then play them out in our lives.

However, if we’re stifling our feelings, we’re stifling important parts of ourselves.

If we’re stifling important parts of ourselves, the energy remains inside and builds up.

It must come out in some form or another eventually: pain, organ systems that aren’t working like they’re supposed to or emotional issues.

The Body Says Listen, Or Else

Here’s that video of Julianne Hough’s “exorcism” at the World Economic Forum at the hands of John Amaral:

Our bodies are constantly expressing their wants and needs and our lives are constantly sending us signals about which way we need to go.

The trouble is that we’re generally not paying very close attention.

When this is the case, messages get louder and the longer they are ignored, the louder the message becomes.

Eventually, what would have been a minor discomfort becomes outright pain or disease, what requires a minor course correction in our lives ends up being a crisis.

The extreme reaction that Julianne Hough demonstrated in the Davos video was simply the processing and reconciling of built up energy in her system with her body and her life.

If we can process and reconcile that energy it doesn’t require a healing or life crisis to get us to stop, pay attention and course correct.

The Foundation For John Amaral’s Work

Image Courtesy Of JohnAmaral.com

What might also draw people’s skepticism is the disparity between the gentle touch of John Amaral and the dynamic response by Julianne Hough, Gwyneth Paltrow and the rest of The Goop Lab team.

In the Western World we generally assume that big change requires big action.

The mainstream tends to think in this over-linear fashion.

This isn’t necessarily how things work in reality.

Donald Epstein, a chiropractor, created a technique known as Network Chiropractic.

One of the directing principles he used to create the technique was how to do the least and get the most out of it, in other words, how to be as efficient as possible.

What he discovered was that a very gentle, very specific contact on a person’s spine could create a global change in a person’s body and life.

It’s the idea that a small change in the rudder of a ship can lead that ship to a completely different port over the course of a thousand miles, or the idea that small hinges swing big doors.

This concept translates into healing work in that the closer you can get to the source of the problem, the less you have to do to help resolve it and why more presence and a more energetic approach to healing can be impactful, because energy is the source of everything.

The Goop Lab, Episode 5: The Energy Experience

Here’s a video I made on the subject of The Energy Experience Goop Lab episode:

If you prefer to listen to podcasts, listen to the episode below or find the BioSoul Integration Podcast and this episode wherever you listen to podcasts:

Don’t be fooled by the media hype.

They create polarity out of everything because they know that conflict gets people’s attention and compels them to watch.

When I discovered Network Chiropractic when I was in chiropractic school, I was skeptical.

But I could feel something special eminating from the practitioner—I could tell she really cared for me.

I’ve been to certain healing events and been worked on by John Amaral and I can assure you of his integrity.

I think if you watch the The Energy Experience on Netflix with an open mind and an open heart, you’ll see that John Amaral is sincere, and so are the people receiving his care.

There’s no subterfuge going on, as some in the media have suggested.

Everyone’s Reaction Is Different

Not everyone will respond to this work in the same way as Julianne Hough or Gwyneth Paltrow.

Everyone’s constitution is different.

The stress they’ve internalized in their life is different.

The timing of everyone’s healing journey is different.

The mark of a good session is not necessarily how wild the session is.

At times a more internal and quieter experience is called for and at times the experience is more outwardly expressive.

Either way, I am really glad something like this made it into the public eye.

Yes, it will create polarize some and it will magnetize others.

If you feel that this is something you would like to learn more about, I am here and willing to open myself up to your questions.

If you are in Boulder, Louisville, Lafayette, Superior, Erie, Broomfield, or Westminster and want to experience it for yourself, I’m here to serve.

My work isn’t exactly like John’s, I practice my own version of Donald Epstein’s creation, something I call BioSoul Integration.

After all, this work is designed to help everyone find their unique gifts.

That’s what it’s done for me and that’s what it can also do for you.

If you’re curious about these concepts and want to learn more about yourself and where you are on the healing journey, click the following link, answer one question about yourself and receive your free, personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

I look forward to helping you express more life,


Seeing Through The Media\'s Salacious Spin On The Goop Lab Ep. 5: The Energy Experience

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