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Intuitive Energy Healing Guide: Access Your Body’s Greatest Healing Resources Now

A healer’s power stems not from any special ability, but from maintaining the courage and awareness to embody and express the universal healing power that every human being naturally possesses.

Eric Micha’el Leventhal

Endless Healing Possibilities

In the realm of intuitive energy healing, there is a rich tapestry of diverse approaches, each representing a unique “brand” of healing.

Intuitive energy healing draws individuals from varied backgrounds, such as acupuncture, massage, rolfing, psychotherapy, tarot cards, shamanism, astrology, yoga, chiropractic, and the list goes on and on.

Like musicians who practice scales over and over again before transitioning into freestyle expression, these intuitive healers often develop their abilities over time and with practice, until it becomes… well… intuitive.

This article explores the essence of intuitive energy healing and its profound impact on healing and self-awareness from the perspective of my twenty years as a chiropractor and healer.

We’ll discuss:

  • How intuitive energy healing taps into the soul’s knowing, and how you can tap into your own knowing
  • How it transcends the mere alleviation of symptoms, revealing them as gateway to profound healing and self-discovery
  • How I discovered my particular brand of intuitive energy healing, “BioSoul Integration”
  • How hands-on or online work can illuminate and heal body and soul by connecting you to your own healing wisdom
  • How a typical session unfolds, leading to heightened awareness and profound insights

Through this process, individuals experience a deeper connection with their bodies, and thus their innate wisdom, offering a transformative journey of self-discovery and integration.

What Is Intuitive Energy Healing?

Here’s a video I made with the goal of revealing some intuitive energy healing “secrets”:

If you get your edification in the form of audio podcasts listen below or look for the BioSoul Integration Podcast and this episode wherever you listen to your podcasts:

At its core, intuitive energy healing revolves around tapping into a profound sense of knowing—a soul knowing.

This knowing can be found in the various energetic fields that interpenetrate and surround the body, which contain “intelligent” energy.

These fields and their intelligence include physical, mental, emotional, and soul levels of intelligence.

When people are attuned to the flow of these intelligences without hindrance, a deep knowing arises.

This intuitive knowing can manifest as a felt sense, images, sounds, or a combination.

For example, in my twenty years in practice I’ve learned to focus on my body and and the life force energy flowing through it.

This connection to the life force energy in my own body serves as an uplink to the intelligence which animates all life on this planet.

Placing our attention on that intelligence illuminates it everywhere in everyone.

When attention is placed on that intelligence in the context of a healing session, it automatically amplifies and illuminates the intelligences of the client’s system, inviting their nervous system to see things from that perspective and reorganize itself according to this expanded lens.

An expanded awareness of all of the channels of intelligence as a new baseline result in increased range and depth of breath, less tension in the body, positive postural changes, improved self-perception, greater ability to adapt to stress, greater body-mind awareness, greater range and depth of emotional expression and a greater awareness of thier soul’s gifts.

What Intuitive Energy Healing Is NOT

Though the body tends to work better and feel better as a result of regular intuitive energy healing, reducing symptoms is not its primary goal.

True intuitive energy healing goes beyond addressing surface-level discomforts.

Instead, it delves into the core of an individual’s being, focusing on integrating the unprocessed energies that underly the symptoms.

Symptoms are often a manifestation of a deeper conflict—a discrepancy between who we are capable of being and who we actually are.

Life is continuously urging us to embrace our fullest selves, to express our soul’s gifts through our physical bodies.

However, patterns that get deeply rooted in our nervous systems as a result of entraining to those around us when we’re in the womb and when we’re young children, often create resistance and fear of fully embodying our potential.

Intuitive energy healing seeks to reconcile this internal friction, addressing the root causes of symptoms by helping individuals reconnect with their soul’s essence and true potential.

It is not about quick fixes or superficial solutions.

Instead, it involves a profound journey of self-discovery and healing that goes beyond the physical, transcending into the realm of soul-level expression.

While other healing modalities may focus on symptom relief, intuitive energy healing, when practiced in alignment with its true essence, aims to transform individuals from within, empowering them to embrace their true selves and bring their unique gifts into the world.

It is a journey towards integration, authenticity, and fulfillment, guided by the profound wisdom of intuitive knowing.

Looking At Pain From A Soul Perspective

Speaking of symptoms, pain is a major motivator for people.

But they often assume that if they’re healed, there should be no pain.

It’s true, there will be less pain, less frequently, but the pitfall is in thinking that if I’m feeling pain I must be doing it wrong.

The truth is, every time we transform a layer (and there are many) of the defended patterns stored in our nervous systems, it will involve discomfort of some sort.

From a soul perspective, pain and various symptoms that individuals experience serve as potent gateways leading to profound healing and wholeness.

Rather than viewing pain as merely a negative sensation or an unwanted problem, it is seen as a portal—a doorway to access the deeper wisdom and energy of the soul.

Intuitive energy healing delves into this perspective, recognizing that the challenges, blockages, or ailments we encounter in life and within our bodies actually hold the key to resolution and growth on a soul level.

And that’s not just a nice idea.

The energy bound up in the system that manifests as symptoms is potential energy—energy poised to do work—that drives us toward our soul purpose.

Our Soul Purpose

Pain, tension, challenges, problems, whether they be physical, psychological or spiritual, arise from the disparity between the person we are truly capable of being and the person we are currently expressing in our lives.

Through intuitive energy healing, individuals are encouraged to approach pain and challenges with awareness and an open mind.

Those who can really take the work and run with it are those who recognize that these difficulties act as containers of energy and wisdom.

In this soul-centric approach to healing, the pain itself becomes the focal point of exploration, providing the energy needed to reconcile the conflict and resolve the underlying imbalances.

It involves delving into the core of our being, exploring the misalignments and blockages that have kept us from fully embodying our true selves.

It empowers individuals to confront their challenges head-on, unravel the wisdom embedded within their pain, and ultimately move towards a state of integration, healing, and alignment with their soul’s purpose.

How I Came Into Intuitive Energy Healing

The journey that led me to practice what I now call “BioSoul Integration,” a brand of intuitive energy healing, started with my background in chiropractic.

I became familiar with conventional chiropractic at an early age after an accident and later ended up in chiropractic school myself as a result.

In chiropractic school I delved into an energetically oriented, resource-based chiropractic technique called Network Spinal Analysis.

After that I explored mindfulness meditation and drew inspiration from teachers like Eckhart Tolle, Adya Shanti and Shinzen Young.

I’ve received much help from other energy workers, therapists and shamanic practitioners along the way.

My lineage also includes incorporating brainspotting, a technique that I have integrated into both my in-person and online sessions.

Hands-On Group Work

In my hands-on work, which I offer at the BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado, I approach healing by attentively connecting with the sensations in my own body.

Embracing everything with kind attention and non-judgment, I invite these sensations to be felt, allowing me to perceive energetic flows and movements within myself.

I then include the person I’m working with by letting my eyes rest on them, a deep, sensate knowing emerges, guiding me to the right position or action to facilitate healing.

This process involves placing my hands on or around the person’s body, sometimes asking specific questions to help them become aware of their experiences.

The energy in their body begins to resolve, and positive changes become evident in their breath, tension, emotions, and overall state.

Intuitive energy healing is about recognizing the constant nudging from life towards evolution, and it entails allowing the flow of life force energy to unfold without resistance.

By giving permission and seeing the aspects that have blocked this natural flow, a transformation that allows their nervous system to find a different way of functioning is initiated.

And this work is usually done with multiple people in the same room.

After working with one person there is some time for there body to process what we’ve done and I can move to the next person, and so on.

Workinging in a group setting like this creates a powerful collective field that invites the parts of our deep nervous system that have reflexively formed unproductive patterns to relax and reorganize.

Online Or In-person, Individual Work

In my online and in-person BioSoul Integration Coaching work, the approach is similar, but more personalized as it is conducted one-on-one.

People often come with specific pains, problems, or challenges, which we use as gateways to the soul.

As they speak, I intuitively pick up on significant points that illuminate the knots and tangles they carry within themselves.

These impressions, often formed during early experiences within our family systems, influence our behaviors and self-limiting beliefs.

My role is to gently tease apart these knots, focusing on individual strands and bringing clarity to neglected aspects or repressed parts.

Within a container of non-judgement and loving kindness, with compassionate questioning and attentive focus, we unravel these emotional knots, allowing suppressed emotions to surface and be felt.

By embracing these emotions and granting them permission to be acknowledged, the knots begin to loosen further.

Since the limits we’ve put on the range and depth of emotion support the limited stories and belief systems we carry, the process also challenges those stories and beliefs, prompting individuals to question and let go of self-imposed limitations.

The beauty of intuitive work lies in its adaptability, as it can be conducted effectively both in-person and online.

From hands-on to remote sessions, the core purpose remains the same: to illuminate the wisdom within our pain and struggles, leading us towards a state of greater alignment, freedom, and personal evolution.

How A Session Looks From A Client’s Perspective

During a session, a common pattern emerges as the process of healing and integration unfolds.

Within us lies a story, a program that has been deeply ingrained, suggesting, “If I feel this, I will die.”

Our system craves a safe environment that allows for the sequencing of these suppressed emotions, a chance to be heard and acknowledged.

safe place for intuitive energy healing

When the conditions are right, when safety and support are present, the protectors that kept these parts hidden begin to loosen their grip.

As a result, these neglected aspects of ourselves start to surface, seeking expression and integration.

Remaining present with the sensations of what’s emerging during this process enables these emotions to be acknowledged without overwhelming us.

In the process our system realizes that we’re not actually going to die if we feel these things.

This allows us to relinquish control and surrender to the natural flow of this emotional energy.

The unfolding process bears resemblance to experiences people might have had with plant medicine, while giving birth, or in the midst of some other life crises that pushed us beyond what we believed possible.

During these transformative moments, we have a direct, felt experience of unknown reservoirs of trust, inner resource, an expanded awarenes and a more integrated sense of self.

The energy that was once bound up in separation is either released or integrated, leading to physical, pyschological and spiritual changes.

This integration or release allows people to occupy a more whole version of themselves.

From this newfound wholeness, insights emerge.

Soul Intelligence

Our bodies house an intelligence far wiser than the mere mental intellect that most adult humans are used to working from.

When this innate wisdom unfolds within us, it permeates our body-minds, giving rise to profound “aha” moments and a deeper understanding of ourselves and the world around us.

The resulting expansion of awareness and the insights gained pave the way for a profound shift in how they perceive themselves and their place in the world.

Intuitive Energy Healing Handbook

My book, If It Didn’t Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose, is the ultimate intuitive energy healing handbook.

If It Didn't Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain and Discover Your Life Purpose

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In my book, I offer practical guidance on how to embody your pain’s wisdom and integrate your soul’s essence.

Whether you’re dealing with physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, or whether you’re seeking to amplify what IS working in your life, this book will help you discover the solution within.

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I look forward to helping you express more life,


Intuitive Energy Healing Guide: Access Your Body\'s Greatest Healing Resources Now

About the Author Dr. Jay Uecker

Dr. Jay is the founder and owner of BioSoul Integration Center in Louisville, Colorado. He’s a chiropractor, a hands-on healer, an in-person and online soul integration coach and the author of If It Didn't Hurt: How To Resolve Your Pain And Discover Your Life Purpose. For two decades Dr. Jay has been helping people navigate their healing journeys. Over the course of that time he’s worked intimately with thousands of people. Those who are most drawn to Dr. Jay's work are those who are seeking to integrate and embody their soul's essence and their soul's gifts so they can share them with others. Life will keep nudging us in that direction, anyway. BioSoul Integration helps to speed up the process and smooth out the rough spots created by the innocent and unconscious resistance that lives in our primal brain and nervous system. Click the link to get your Personalized BioSoul Integration Guide.

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